My First Grouper Fishing Southeast Florida

Fishing and catch a Black Grouper on the East Coast of South Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. I was in my Triton 225 using a Shimano Calcutta 700B reel with a …
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This is a short video to illustrate just how many red snapper are actually in the Gulf of Mexico now off the Florida Panhandle. We broke our twenty foot brea…

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17 thoughts on “My First Grouper Fishing Southeast Florida”

  1. sorry to ask.but what kind of line are you using? i have the samereel im i dont really know what line too used,

  2. Nice catch! Thanks for sharing video. Must have felt like a freight train…They are an awesome catch.

  3. You got that right! NMFS is clueless check out this video about the same bs!

  4. same fish, different spelling. It’s sort of like the whole spot-tailed bass/redfish thing.

  5. i go out of meaxico all the time we catch our limit about 40 miles out in about 2 hours we could do it quicker if it wasent for us foolin around and keppin bait on our hooks

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