Florida Bass Fishing

Florida bass fishing is known around the world. Not only for the massive Lake Okeechobee, but also for the professional tournament winning anglers, such as Roland Martin. The tropical temperatures and climate in Florida allows for the largemouth bass to grow to incredibly large sizes, and because of this, anglers around the world flock to the state on a regular basis, in search for that next trophy fish. While the worlds largest fish wasn’t caught in Florida, the fact remains, that on average, more people catch large trophy fish in Florida, than in any other state in America.

Before you plan your next Florida bass fishing trip, you are going to want to first figure out what part of Florida you are going to be visiting. Central and North Florida offer incredibly different fishing styles, than South Florida does, so if you are going to be north of St. Petersburg, you are going to want to take this into account. The southern half of the state has consistent fishing year round, with some exotic species thrown into the mix. When you go bass fishing in Southern Florida, there is no telling what you are going to have blow up on your lure.

In the deep south of Florida, the everglades, and freshwater canals south of Titusville, anglers can get themselves into the hard hitting Peacock bass of the Amazon Jungle. These fish were migrated into the freshwater systems of southern Florida for their ability to coexist in Florida’s natural climate. They grow to large sizes, while not as big as in the Amazon, but still put up incredible fights. If budget is an issue, and you are looking to catch some Peacocks, without having to travel to the Amazon, than a Florida bass fishing trip may be just what you had in mind.

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