South Florida Bass Fishing Guides – Lures For MONSTER Bass

My name is John Pate. I have been a professional bass fisherman, South Florida bass fishing guide and Florida everglades bass fishing guide since 1973.
I have NEVER shared my most prized secrets that I have learned, developed and perfected for winning tournaments and catching TROPHY bass… until now.
I will reveal everything I know about catching what I call MONSTER bass… bass in the 8-12lb range… and even bigger.
And if you want, you can hire me as your guide and I will take you on the everglades bass fishing adventure of your lifetime. I specialize in guiding clients to big TROPHY bass at world famous Florida everglades Holiday Park, Lake Okeechobee, Alligator Alley, Sawgrass Recreation park, Lake Ida, Lake Osborne, The Holy Lands and many more.

South Florida bass fishing guides – John Pate show’s some of the best lures he uses to catch MONSTER bass. These lures work in the Florida everglades, all over Florida including big lakes, little ponds and canals. They also work all over the country. Everglades Bass Fishing Guides Everglades Fishing Trip Of A Lifetime
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  1. @BRUCEMCFAYDEN They usually have them at Bass Pro Shops. If you want to orded them – email me at southfloridabassguides@gmail. I will get you in touch with a store owner in Margate who can get them.

  2. That depends on a lot of things. If you are not fishing the visible shallow cover – you should be fishing the deeper structure… not just the “middle of the lake.” Cover and structure are two very different things. There are many techniques to fish deep water structure – one of the best books to read on the subject is “In Pursuit of Giant Bass” by Dan Murphy. Big worms are a great deep structure lure. Live shiners or crawfish are great live baits.

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