Healthy Tuna Recipes

With its firm meaty texture, medium flavour and a great source of Omega 3 tuna is an excellent fish to eat all year round.

Although more traditionally people associated tuna with the tinned variety, tuna steaks are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants and homes. TV chefs have brought the publics attention to the fast and simple ways to prepare tuna dishes and promote the health benefits of eating tuna.

Tuna is very easy to cook. It should be flash grilled, griddled or pan fired rather than baked, as baking will dry the fish out and spoil the texture. Due to the meaty flesh tuna steaks are can be eaten when rare or medium-rare in a similar way to beef steak, without having a detrimental effect on health.

Packed full of protein tuna provides a hearty meal in minutes. Tuna flambe au poivre with toasted pine nuts is the ideal way to serve tuna to family or friends. Accompany the tuna steaks with asparagus tips or sugar snap peas for an exciting, healthy meal which is full of natural goodness and low in calories.

Tuna steaks can be purchased frozen throughout the year, making them a readily available source of protein. One of the advantages of buying frozen is less wastage. With all the preparation carried out for you it is simply a matter of taking out the number of tuna steaks you need to use for a particular recipe or number of people eating.

The popular salad tuna nicoise is quite often made with tinned tuna. A far more flavoursome version is to use tuna steaks. As rare tuna steaks only take one or two minutes each side to cook this classical tuna supper dish can be prepared and cooked in the same time as it takes to open a tin and provide a far more substantial meal.

As tuna can be eaten rare it is the ideal food for cooking on the barbeque. There will be no worries about the health risks associated with under cooked poultry, meat or sausages, eating tuna steaks cooked on a barbeque is a healthy alternative. Adding the juice of a freshly squeezed lime provides a tasty zing for the palette which compliments the tuna beautifully.

Tuna steaks provide an excellent source of protein, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 oil which is needed as part as a healthy diet. Omega 3 oil can help reduce the risk of heart disease and is used to treat numerous other medical conditions including anxiety and depression. The short amount of time needed to cook tuna means that all the nutritional value is retained during cooking.

As tuna is low in calories it is the ideal fish to use for people trying to lose or control their weight. The substantial firm texture of tuna meat provides a hearty healthy meal which is low in calories. Due to the oily properties of tuna only a very small amount of cooking oil, such as olive oil, is needed to cook it. Grilling or griddling is probably the best way to cook tuna if you are on a diet. There are various tasty tuna recipes available online if you are unsure how to cook or serve this delicious fish.

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