Adventure Tours Throughout the United States and Canada

Some vacations just do not cut it with a certain type of traveler; they seek more from their vacation plans. They want to be able to live on the edge, seeing the sights while breaking away from the same types of vacation tours that everyone else is taking. It is for people such as these that adventure tours were created. They combine the tour packages of the past with the thrill-seeking mentality of the modern generation. There are a number of adventure tour destinations available in North America and they are currently rising in popularity. If you think you may be interested in taking one of these tours, then here are some of the most popular options available.

One destination that has always been popular is the Grand Canyon. Unlike the tours that provide you with a view of the beauty and majesty of the canyon from above, however, an adventure tour of the Grand Canyon takes you through the rapids of the Colorado River along the entire length of the canyon. Though the lengths of these tours may vary, a rafting tour of the entire canyon is generally an 8 to 10 day excursion.

Another popular adventure tour destination is Alaska. From ice fishing in northern Alaska to sea kayaking along the coast, there are a number of different adventure options available. Visitors on an adventure tour can view wild bears, take hikes through the Alaskan wilderness, raft a variety of rivers, and camp in some of the most rugged wilderness locations in North America. The length of Alaskan adventure tours can vary greatly depending on the activities involved, with some tours lasting for as few as 3 days to as many as 12.

Given the adventurous history of the American west, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of western-themed adventure tours to choose. Some of these involve visiting a number of historical Wild West locations while others focus on the western deserts and hiking through some of the amazing national parks in Arizona and Nevada. Other western tours actually manage to incorporate adventure locations in several states, letting you visit some of the most majestic locations in the west to see their beauty firsthand. The length of the western adventure tours depend largely on the area that they cover, with some lasting only 2 or 3 days while others can last for 1 to 2 weeks.

For those who are seeking a more modern adventure, there are adventure tours which can allow you to explore cities Las Vegas, Reno, and other similar hotspots. The focus of these adventure tours is not only on the sights and sounds of the main cities themselves, but also on the history and majesty of the surrounding land. Most adventure tours to Las Vegas and Reno last from 3 to 7 days and generally include trips to the most popular casinos and shows in addition to hiking in the surrounding desert. This allows one to gain a better appreciation for the cities, which appear as jewels upon the desert.

A number of different California adventures are available as well, helping visitors to see exactly how diverse the state really is. Adventures in the major cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco allow the opportunity to explore the forests and vineyards in the northern portion of the state. Most visitors are amazed at exactly what California has to offer in the way of adventure opportunities. A number of hiking tours can be found that allow you to visit some of the most majestic California locations on foot, letting you camp under the open sky while on your way to your final destination. California adventure tours can last for as few as 3 days to as many as 14 depending on the area being covered by the tour.

Of course, not all adventure tours involve hiking, rafting, or spending time traversing the natural lands of North America; a number of adventure tour companies also offer RV rental so that you can take a driving tour of some of the classic roadways in America and Canada. This allows you to travel in comfort while taking in some amazing sights and visiting places that you otherwise may not have known existed. RV adventure tours generally last for as long as you want to rent the RV. The average length of an RV tour is typically between 5 to 14 days.

There are many benefits to planning an adventure vacation. If you enjoy the thrill of adventure, this vacation may be right for you. Available activities range from hiking and kayaking to exploring cities such as Las Vegas and California, but this type of trip may require renting an RV. If you are interested in extreme sports, you may enjoy a vacation, which consists of hiking and kayaking. Those adventures provide the opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime moment, that can be remembered for many years.

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