Tasty Tuna Recipes

Knowing how to cook tuna steaks can pose a bit of a problem! Go online to find some of the most delicious recipes using tuna as the main ingredient. Many of the sites also have pod casts to enable you to follow the recipes step by step, giving you the confidence to get it right every time.

Many great meal ideas can also be found on the packaging of tuna which is brought from the chilled cabinet or freezer section at the major supermarkets. The packaging will tell you the average cooking time and the best methods of cooking for perfect results. Check to see whether the tuna needs to be thawed before cooking and how to do this safely.

Bring a taste of the Orient to your dining table by serving seared tuna steaks with ginger and chickpeas. This substantial main course dish will please the most veracious of appetites. The dish takes only five minutes to prepare and fifteen minutes to cook. A healthy fast food to make at home without being full of additives, preservatives and E numbers!

A modern alternative to traditional battered cod and chips can be made by serving peppered yellow fin tuna steaks with sweet potato wedges with a roasted chilli mayonnaise. Delicious and nutritious without the saturated fats of chip shop fish and chips. A dish which is sure to please and impress family and friends.

A great way to get kids to eat healthy tuna is to give them tuna tortillas. Simple and very quick to make seared tuna steaks are cut into bite sized strips and placed onto a tortilla with slices of tomato and avocado, topped off with sour cream and some fresh coriander leaves before being rolled up and eaten. An ideal snack or TV diner packed full of vitamin D, protein and Omega 3 this dish evens counts towards your 5 a day vegetable intake! You do not have to be a master chef to cook delicious healthy food.

Tuna steaks flambe au poivre with toasted pine nuts is sure to be a winner. It sounds complicated to make however in reality it can be prepared and served in less than half an hour. Succulent seared tuna steaks as delicious as these only needs an accompaniment of fresh green vegetables such as asparagus spears or sugar snap peas to make a truly tasty treat.

Be creative in your kitchen, look online for inspiration on how you can turn boring mealtimes into a pleasurable eating experience for the whole family. Look after yourself and the health of your family by providing a varied and nutritious diet which includes the recommended two servings of fish each week. Fast food no longer means popping down to the chip shop. Simple, fast tuna meals can be prepared within minutes in your own kitchen.

You do not need fancy equipment or expensive ingredients to make wholesome, delicious tuna suppers which will transform your eating habits as part of a healthy lifestyle. Go online to find the easiest and tastiest tuna recipes which will amaze you and your family!

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