Delicious Tuna Recipes

Tuna fish are a nutrient rich source of food. They are packed full of high quality protein and are rich in minerals such as selenium, magnesium and potassium. They also contain vitamins B1 and B6 and most importantly essential Omega 3 fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids are called Essential because the body cannot make these on their own. Essential fatty acids need to be included and introduced into a healthy diet through eating foods which are rich in these such as tuna.

Tuna is one of the worlds best loved fish. Although canned tuna is delicious and nutritious, if you have never eaten fresh tuna you have been missing out on a pure culinary delight. Fresh tuna retains more of the beneficial Omega 3 than canned tuna.

Selected tuna steaks purchased from reputable companies who source their fish in a sustainable method and respect other aquatic life. To ensure you are buying the highest quality tuna steaks buy from a company who has been working in the fish industry for many years, in other words those who have built their business reputation on only sourcing, catching and selling the highest quality tuna.

If you have never tried tuna without the use of a can opener then the chances are you will not know how to prepare or cook tuna. Fresh tuna is available as either steaks, fillets or chunks. Choosing tuna steaks which have been pre-prepared provides a quick and easy way to enjoy this nutritious food without any fuss or bother.

Ideas for different cooking methods can be found in modern cookery books or online. The online option provides the opportunity to view pod casts and follow the step by step instructions. For some this new visual and audio innovation of learning how to cook a variety of different foods from around the world has provided them with the confidence to experiment and try new delicious recipes.

Tuna steaks and fillets are usually pan fried, grilled or griddled. They are also very tasty when cooked on a barbeque. Tuna chunks are great for making curries and casseroles. The only form of cooking which is not recommended for tuna is baking as this dries out the flesh.

Making a traditional French salad nicoise, a combination of tuna, black olives and green beans, has been a firm favourite for many years. Typically canned tuna is used, however seared tuna steaks are becoming an increasingly fashionable alternative. Tuna steak salads are great for those trying to lose weight, or those who just enjoy the beautiful taste of tuna. As tuna is low in calories, especially fresh tuna, it is the ideal diet food. The firm meaty texture of tuna provides a substantial and nutritious health food for all the family.

Search online for some mouth watering tuna recipes. You will be amazed at the wide variety of supper, lunch and dinner recipes available. Many of the online recipes have been specifically designed by master chefs to bring you tasty tuna dishes in the most fashionable and healthy ways. Bring the health benefits of tuna steaks to your dining table and enjoy the delicious taste of this amazing fish.

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