Awesome 26 Pound SNOOK! Fishing Trips

Huge Snook caught on the East Coast of Florida in Stuart. We have had some great client fishing charters there in the months of July and August. Fishing Clips, Videos, Shows Connect on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter:
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25 thoughts on “Awesome 26 Pound SNOOK! Fishing Trips”

  1. This is sick, KingSizeCatch. com has the best hunting and fishing videos! Check it out and Subscribe

  2. Check out my fishing and diving videos guys there in HD and Im just getting started. I have some great videos of snook and goliath groupers:)

  3. I’ve caught snook most of my life and hands down, the best place to catch them is at the Lantana spillway just north of Boynton Beach, Florida. I was there a few months ago and caught fourteen snook but only one was in the slot. Three were over the slot and the rest too small. The action was fast and heavy on herring and mullet.

  4. I hear Sebastian has some pretty good Snook fishing in the holes near the jetty. Check em out.

    Capt Ben

  5. Nice fish, Captain! i live in space coast florida around cocoa beach and i go down to sebastian a lot and i still have yet to catch a snook. I think i might just have bad luck, but it would be awesome to fish with you! any tips?

  6. just caught a nice keeper last night 30′ in my home town stuart fl. love ur videos capt, when im at work i watch them and get pumped before i leave work and go fishing myself.

  7. Watched a dude catch 18-20 pounder 45 inches at the mouth of the Mayaka River/ Lemon Bay (Englewood Fla.) in 2008 at night off the pier on a 15 inch Lady fish. Man that was the biggest one I had ever seen caught.

  8. I specialize in topwater wood plugs of all sizes. My most popular are the 3 and 4 inch walkers a poppers. We have had a lot of success with snook and trout on them. I can email you a color chart and description sheet. Ernie

  9. Great lookin’ fish. I gotta send you guys a couple Impact snook lures. Shoot me an address and I’ll hook it up. Ernie

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