Addictive Fishing: Under The Docks – SNOOK in structure

Capt. Blair travels to Stuart, Florida to fish for snook with DOA Lures creator, Capt. Mark Nichols. Get the Gear the Mogan Man Uses @

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25 thoughts on “Addictive Fishing: Under The Docks – SNOOK in structure”

  1. i been trying to catch snook forever and no luck i used doa shrimp with not even a hit a live mullet where i tryed to set the hook to early do you guys got any tips tell me @

  2. I went on a chart boat in fort lauderdale last summer and caught a sailfish and mahi mahi. it was awesome. Check the videos out on my channel

  3. Very nice! I Comeback to Florida ( Ft. Myers) every year with Mythen family. Do you have some more tips for me?

  4. Captain Blair, in his shows, explains how to work the lures, please. Thank you. Greetings from Mazatlan Mexico.

  5. Colors are for consumers. Everybody has their go-to color. We just happen to like natural colors.

  6. i dont get it why is there so many lure colors?
    like the doa shrimp why is there pink,puruple, red…etc
    i thought the color of the lure suppose to represent the lure in the real life
    like for doa shrimp wouldnt the holo and glow in the dark be the best color since its close to shrimp color?

  7. My favorite lure for Major Snook Action is a gold #13 Rapala. Remove the forward hook. Remove the aft hook and replace it with a larger one. This will enable the Rapala to stay in the strike zone much longer resulting in a lot more hits for fishing under the docks…short twitches will do the trick. Now, if they would just come back in season here in SW Florida!

  8. Im 14 and ive been watching your show since Ive fished, and i grew up In Clearwater, FL and I was wondering if you have ever spent some time down there by John’s or Blinds pass for Snook?- Clay C.

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