Monster Snook eats Ladyfish! Ft. Myers Florida Fishing Charters Trips Tours

26 pound Snook eats a 17 inch ladyfish live and whole in SW Florida Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Sanibel, Captiva on the Chew On This Saltwater Fishing Show with C…
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25 thoughts on “Monster Snook eats Ladyfish! Ft. Myers Florida Fishing Charters Trips Tours”

  1. Wow. I under estimate what these fish can fit into their mouth. Did you trim the lady fish tail or just hook him through the lip? They are fast.

  2. That’s a big fat snook. I love those fish. You bullied him real good… She didn’t even have a chance to run for those pilings. Great job!

  3. I will admit that at first I thought you were a bit ignorant. You call me out as jealous of someone who I called a great fisherman, and you judged me based on the status of my youtube account… Although seeing that you are giving me a fair chance to post, you are much more savier and mature than most would guess. After dealing with several new-borners on this website, I appreciate your maturity. Thanks.

  4. LMAO. I never made a video because I never needed to. I fish all the tournaments, I am a part of the largest gog supplier in South Florida, and most people actually know me by name and have seen what I can pull off. I would never consider myself a pro, however I’ve hit many milestones that I’m proud of. Largemouth and peacocks over 10 lbs, snook over 30lbs, trout on trout, over 100 keeper snook in one season, grand slams on a mcdonalds straw to name a few… I will be uploading.

  5. ROFLMAO… Yeah I’m jealous. After 3 newpaper articles and several fish over 30 lbs, I have alot to be jealous about… trust me. Even though I make a living off of fishing WITHOUT A SHOW, ADSHARE. GUIDE SERVICES, AND YOUTUBE PARTNERSHIPS, your right and I’m wrong which I gladly accept.

  6. Your too good of a fisherman to prove anything to anyone. Why would you need to weigh anything in front of everyone? People are ignorant and they dont need you to weigh anything.  Can they see the scale when your weighing it? No.

    You knew what you did and I shouldn’t have had to explain anything. I live not too far from you and I have alot of respect for you. I like you screaming and your freak-outs, but as fisherman of pine island area, we need to respect the fish.

  7. I’m sorry but there are no excuses or studies necessary. When a fish is held up, with its bodied bowed like an arch, common sense prevails. I fish Jupiter all the time and 25-30 lb fish are commonly caught all night long. We take pictures of our fish but there is no need to weigh them.

    We don’t compare swords and we know what fish weigh by looking at them. I’m 29 and I stopped weighing fish when I was 12. I don’t care if this fish was caught in 1950, common sense prevails.

  8. Not true at all. Those Boga Studies did not come out until after 04. This show was originally filmed in 2003.

    Capt Ben

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