Travel Canada-Fishing at White Lake Ontario Ottawa

White Lake is located about 60 km West of Ottawa, Ontario near Calabogie to the North and Arnprior to the South. White Lake is a prime fishing lake on which …
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Fishing Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada at Minor Bay Lodge with Midwest Outdoors host Roger Cormier.

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9 thoughts on “Travel Canada-Fishing at White Lake Ontario Ottawa”

  1. We use both low profile and round. Generally, the round reels can take more line of heavier test, but we’ve had guests usng the low profile reels landing huge pike without any problems. Low profile are also usually less expensive than the round reels.

  2. I want to upgrade to a baitcasting setup for pike fishing this year. Would you recomend a round or low profile reel?

  3. in america reel makers like to believe that reeling with you dominate hand is the answer i guess, i reel with my left hand because i have coordination issues on my left side

  4. Excellent advert for pike fishing-catch and release, as {ike are very important part of food chain, keeping stocks of smaller fish
    Just one question, why right -handed multiplier? When 99% of fixed-spool reels are left-hand wind?
    What is advantage of reeling in with right hand?

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