Sanibel Tarpon Tango! Florida Tarpon Fishing Trips Charters

Giant Tarpon, Hammerhead Sharks, and Bull Sharks are all landed in this episode of the “Chew On This” Saltwater Fishing Show hosted by Captain Ben Chancey featuring Captain Nelson Diaz. Book your Tarpon Trip now for the 2012 Tarpon season. ********************************************************************** RELATED VIDEOS: Reel Big Fish: Army Soldier KO’s Goliath Grouper Fish! Chew On This Fishing Charters! Monster Goliath Grouper Pesca Breaks Rod! Fishing Charters! Gulf of Mexico Fishing Show Giant Goliath Big Game Fish Bare Hands! Best Hammerhead Shark Video Chew On This Fishing Show 500+lb Monster Hammerhead Shark: Accommodations: Courtyard Marriott Hutchinson Island Florida. Double Tree, Comfort Inn, Hilton, Gaylord, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Laquinta, Radisson, Resorts HOW TO SUPPORT CAPTCHANCEY ★- Favorite My Fishing videos. ★- Comment on My videos. ★- Post My videos to your blog, Facebook and other sites. ★- Post video responses to My videos. ★- Check daily for updates. ★- Subscribe to the captchancey channel “Chew On This” ★- Make your own captchancey Chew On This fan page. To everyone who supports me, and the future of this Channel, thank you! Thank you for taking the time and effort to support Chew On This. REMEMBER TO: ★ Respect both humans and animals. ★Treat others with as much as or more kindness than they give you and others. ★ Peacefully stand up for what you

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24 thoughts on “Sanibel Tarpon Tango! Florida Tarpon Fishing Trips Charters”

  1. Great fishing from Boca Grande to Fort Myers Beach! If you are in the market for a great marina condo to enjoy boating or fishing along Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast, come visit us at Florida Real Estate GRID

  2. Closely listen to an Inception dvd made prior to the January 8th Tucson shooting, especially around, “‘Do It.'”

  3. I am pretty sure there are not any Tarpon there. However, I caught a 44 inch Sturgeon in San Fransisco Bay when I was 6.

    Capt Ben

  4. i remember tred barta fishing for tarpon on tv when i was about five. ever since i always wanted to catch one. but i live in delaware where tarpon are non-existant. :/

  5. Well February is still part of winter, but pretty much starting in February into the end of spring pretty much :p

  6. After looking at the dates on a few of your videos, it seems like Spring is the prime time for most good fish :]

  7. Well, from watching the video, it seems to be really effective, so I’m gonna give it a try.
    btw, do you ever tag your tarpon?

  8. I like Star, St. Croix, G Loomis and the like. The rod in this show is a Cape Fear which will soon be Colt Rods.

    Capt Ben

  9. catfish? i ve never heard of using catfish as bait. could i use any catfish and just cut it up to use as bait? and just use the head and tail, or will strips work too? and i fish for tarpon in the lake in my backyard, so should a throw it out on a float?

  10. I love my Avets, got an SX for light tackle with some awesome drag that i use to surf fish at the beach while i use my avet 50 exw for shark fishing.

  11. Some do WHEN they are Gut hooked. But with today’s circle hooks, it is virtually eliminated. When hooks are left in the mouth, it simply rust off within a few days in saltwater or a few weeks in freshwater. In any case, the hook is better left in when the angler cannot get it out safety from the fish without injuring or killing the fish.

  12. Okay heres the last comment 😛 So my dad has I think 80 pound test line and a 200 leader. And he was using a 4 inch mullet for bait. After like 30 seconds the line just snaps and all 4 men fall all back on the ground. Man I was sitting there laughing my ass off 😛 So we dont know what it was but all we now it was nothing normal at all. Because the pole is around 8 feet above the water. And It was 1 foot away from touching the water. So Yeah it was a crazy experience.

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