Tarpon Fishing Trips – Another Big One

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Redfishing action at Calaveras Lake, Texas. 14 redfish shown I think. This is a 6 hour guided fishing trip in the heat of the day, with some folks that I’ve …

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25 thoughts on “Tarpon Fishing Trips – Another Big One”

  1. Feels better already… turned out to be a piece of welding schlage melted to the cornia. They removed it and used a needle to scrape the rust off. Feels better already! Thanks!

  2. I seriously think the wall has to be the best spot on the lake. Went there yesterday and did and did a good deal of riding around and that was the one spot we did not hit. All that to catch one lousy cat, sigh. having a boat is the only way to go, it’s almost not worth it doing it from shore.

  3. It was! We had about 45 mins of down time when people showed from getting off work. Too much noise!

  4. They stock them 22,000 to a time!!! Alot get eaten and killed, it takes 3-5 years to get to be a keeper so some of these fish have eluded the hook for many years. We caught a few that had hook marks tho, they were thrown back at least 2x’s!

  5. another cool vid!!!bet that was a fast 6 hours,thats a good thing if it was!!!! again excellent vid Darak!!


  6. Is there ever an off day haha. I can’t believe the numbers of huge fish ya’ll haul in off the lake. What fun!

  7. Believe it or not, yes we can. That WAS a great day, but you can catch even more if you know how to handle them. My boat was responsible for around 50% of the fish pulled in out there. Just hafta know how to launch a lure and work it!

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