The Best Fishing Charter Myrtle Beach Homepage Video HD The Best Fishing Charter in Myrtle Beach; Inshore Xtreme Myrtle Beach Charter Captain Rob Beglin will take you out … We are a Free booking service for Valdez Alaska Halibut Charters and Alaska Salmon Charters. Watch our cute video for serv…
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27 thoughts on “The Best Fishing Charter Myrtle Beach Homepage Video HD”

  1. Paulpro PP says:

    Nothing beats Tin Boat charters!

  2. Ed Janco says:

    had a great time. we caught alot of red’s and I caught my first trout. what a great day.

  3. tudorilie says:

    SWEET VID! Im gunna go watch more now!

  4. TheWaterSpice says:

    You must be very smart!

  5. Aviv Guitar says:

    wow i like you !!! 

  6. anhem199047 says:

    You should have more subscribers than you do. I subbed. 

  7. amazingtalentslive says:

    You. are. my. hero. nuff said.

  8. HardstyleGermany11 says:

    lol that was… great ;D 

  9. AlbertKlein007 says:


  10. dubstepboost002 says:


  11. LittleBigBrazil says:

    Haha, awesome video! Id like to see more coming ftw!

  12. orctang83 says:

    This is really neat

  13. hoidapdiemthi says:

    awesome video

  14. eggieboy3ef says:

    omg amazing.. teach me!!

  15. dadula111 says:

    your channel is the sickest channel and so is this video

  16. MrGenuine3000 says:

    liked that very much 

  17. serveryou74 says:

    this video is very useful

  18. onlylove2510 says:

    Good opportunity… this sounds very interesting..will defintetly check it out

  19. Ken Chung says:

    Thanks buddy, working hard with this great opportunity

  20. thinkbackwards says:

    I learned alot watching this.

  21. guitarsofthegods says:

    what are your rates?

  22. allrvideo says:

    this is amazing buddy 

  23. berman2240 says:

    I love it. Let me know if you have a new vid. Ima watch it, for sure! 🙂

  24. Tuyết Ngân Bùi says:

    wow pretty? good.. nice work! 

  25. MrLuckenbooth704 says:

    Just made my day! 

  26. valdezcharters says:

    Thank you for you interest in Valdez Alaska! Hope you get back to enjoy our great town and the great sport fishing that we offer people!

  27. AmericaVideoMarketin says:

    I love your cute video of your services. It makes me want ot go fishing now, It’s been a long time since I was in Valdez. But, I will never forget the nearly 10 foot salmon shark I caught. That was the pinnacle of my charter trip there. I must say that catching my limits of salmon and halibut was a BIG plus too. It was one of those glass calm days and it seamed all the ocean creatures, whales, otters, eagles and more were enjoying it to. Thanks for some forgotten memories.

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