Coho Salmon Fly Fishing Underwater footage Alagnak River Alaska Adventures Part 4 HD

Coho Salmon fishing on the Alagnak River, Fly fishing Streamers and articulated leaches for Rainbow Trout and Coho Salmon. Shot on location in Katmai Nationa…

The fishing industry is Alaska’s largest private employer and employs over 56600 people for summer, seasonal and year-round employment plus another 22000 i…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 thoughts on “Coho Salmon Fly Fishing Underwater footage Alagnak River Alaska Adventures Part 4 HD”

  1. 41odyssey says:

    way past its prime.

  2. iBadGirlx says:

    Oh my , i never saw a red fish before.

  3. Outdoorsmen Canada says:

    4:42 nice fish!!!

  4. Jesus Castro says:

    buen video

  5. says:

    These fishing videos are excellent. Well done!

  6. 123asbjorn says:

    You should check out Germany… They are the most fish crazy people on this solar system!!!!

  7. Sævar Hafsteinsson says:

    Nice… like to go fishing right away….

  8. rcmallory says:

    I’ve been to France, the French are fish crazy, everyone fishes

  9. Babygodzillia says:

    good video on How not to catch and release properly…

  10. MrILIKEEUNICE says:

    wat rig do u use

  11. TormesFlyFishing says:

    Excelente .

  12. lapispix says:

    These videos were made by a French outdoor show. I fished at this lodge and everyone was English speaking. It turns out that the French can fish and enjoy Alaska too. But I wouldn’t have to pretend I can’t speak their language.

  13. Maykon Borges says:

    nossa que pesca boa …a eu ai(8*)

  14. jack sparrow says:

    dude speak fuckin engilish

  15. Benj3897 says:

    how big was that rainbow?

  16. wishen4fishen2 says:

    Why is the man speaking French in Alaska? Ok it’s tourist I get it..

  17. BlackbirdBen says:

    One of the best salmon fly fishing videos I’ve seen in a while. Here’s a tip, though. If you plan to release a fish, it’s best to use an unknotted net, since the material that is used to make the net is woven into knots, and these can harm the fishs’ skin.
    Still,this is a REALLY good video.

  18. Kremlin60 says:

    This isn’t flossing, no

  19. Payton Andfriends says:

    hi im twelve and ive been fly fishing since i was four and also fly tying just recently i land a 8 pound pink in my u-boat it took about 30 mins. but it was worth it oh by the way i live in gibsons BC its just out side of vancouver.

  20. John Park says:

    I dont know but I know that silver salmon which are featured in this video tend to attack flies and lures aggressively as opposed to the red salmon (sockeye) which you have to usually use the lining technique where you force them to get hooked in the mouth.

  21. Salmo Trutta says:

    I had no idea this was a french video, until I heard the man speak french, and saw the french subtitles….

  22. sengx says:

    is this the technique where u force them to eat it? or do they actually bite? thanks and AWESOME VIDEO!

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  24. Sandra Castro says:

    God bless all the fisher men in Alaska the Lord be with you all the time day and night my bless you all in the name of Jesus.

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  27. MerchantMarineJobs says:

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