Puerto Vallarta Fishing

Puerto Vallarta fishing with fish in pv sportfishing. Puerto Vallarta belongs at the top of the list for big game fishing. Wild big game sportfishing exursions in Puerto Vallarta’s banderas bay marlin fishing story, 1150 lb blue marlin caught in a 28 foot panga! Monster yellow fin tuna being strung up by the dozen. This is truly a fishing paradise. come with me on adventures with www.puertovallartafish.com targeting wahoo,tuna, marlin, mahi, mahi ,/dorado/dolphin, mackeral, pargo, sail fish.

Puerto Vallarta was named after Ingacio L. Vallarta in 1918. By 1968

Puerto Vallarta was declared an official city.The fishing in Puerto vallarta has always been abundant in numbers the natives fished on kayaks and many still do imagine reelin in a 1000 lb marlin on kayak amazing! Puerto Vallarta is a tropical paradise located in the heart of mexico’s pacific ocean.

Puerto Vallarta banderas bay is a feeding ground for sail fish, wahoo small marlin,red snapper,but when you get out there 30 miles and can not see the land anymore that is where all the big fish are at.fish story#1 Four adults go out on a 6 hour day before the charter they were told by the captain that if they go for any extra 2 hours that they have a bigger chance of catching fish they had just heard on the radio that there was marlins spotted around corbetena, the anglers agree and head out in a 28ft super panga two and half hours later they had hooked a 1155 blue marlin the beast had swallowed a tuna on one line and hooked by the fin by a hook on another line. This 1155 lb monster put up a fight for 2 and half hours and then the huge almost preastoric creature coughed up part of the tuna and they had to hand line the blue beast in. see pictures of this huge marlin on the boat at www.puertovallartafish.com After the hour and a half hand line it was done the biggest blue marlin in Puerto Vallarta history was caught on a 28 panga the fish was almost bigger than the boat. Monster yellow fin tuna is what Puerto Vallarta fishing is most well known for delicius tuna is hung up by the dozen when they are in season these 300+ monsters make alot of sashimi. mahi mahi and wahoo are gold pobaly the 3 best tasting fish in the world yea I know that is a big statement but have you ever had fresh tuna sashimi straight off a 300 lb tuna.


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