Surfing: Seas, Surfs & an Experience

Surfing is an amazing adventure sport. This is not the sport for everybody, but for the people who can handle the thick waves of the beach. The surfboard can be of any size – from less than three feet surfboards to 11 ft surfboards are available today. However, the size of the surfboard is no match to the skill and technique of the surfers. To stay afloat over the tides is the one important thing of surfing. Being able to catch the right tide (or wave), engaging at the right moment, staying at the right position and staying cleared of barriers like reefs or floating materials, etc are all desirable surfing skills.

It is not just about riding a wave, but also executing various manoeuvres. A good surfer is made only when he or she is able to catch the difficult waves, staying clear of dangers and performing tricks before finishing the ride. Not being hit by the wave. Tube riding is the dream of all surfers. It is about riding inside the wave, without the wave touching you down. It is quite amusing to see the wave curling over you and you are moving ahead of the wave, without letting the wave strike you down. It is the most difficult thing to achieve in surfing.

Turning and carving, cutback, off the lip, floater, etc are some skills surfers will be achieving pretty quickly. These skills are not learned from the land. You can learn these only after you get in the water, riding the waves. You can also get surfing lessons from experienced surfers, who will give you one-on-one lessons.

Not all the beaches and surf breaks are ideal for beginners. Only experienced surfers can attempt the risky surfs. The training is given only at areas of consistent wave activity and winds. Otherwise, it will become difficult. After getting the lessons at breaks that have more or less stable surfing conditions, you can go to more challenging areas.

Once you get into the groove, it is one great passion. You will enjoy the surfing so much and you will be willing to experiment with various types of surfboards, techniques and locations. Some surfers are so passionate about the local surf breaks, that they don’t let tourists in and even threaten physical assault, when their territory is violated. Not all locations are like that and you can see surf breaks around the world, where you get warm welcome.

The safety guidelines to all kinds of water sports apply to surfing too. You need to be able to manage the tides without the board and you should be careful not to go near rocks, reefs or dangerous creatures like jelly fish, sharks, etc.

You get into surfing for once and you can experience the all consuming passion associated with the sport. Beach holidays or vacations can also include surfing as an option – although not all beaches for suited for surfing. OK, if you have this passion to surfing, it is good time you have, with your riding at great speeds over the waves.

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