Go fishing in Puerto Vallarta

There is a reason why Puerto Vallarta is known as the paradise for fishing enthusiasts in Mexico and receives an excess of 3 million visitors that throng the beaches to get a taste of wonderful Puerto Vallarta fishing. The place is host to many exciting and beautiful species of fishes making fishing a unique experience for the aficionados. And then there are excellent facilities developed and offered for deep sea fishing in Puerto Vallarta that means that visitors can indulge in the activity right from day one and continue it to their heart’s fill. And then there is the beautiful, cheerful and famed Puerto Vallarta weather that makes fishing an enjoyable experience throughout the year.

The Banderas Bay of Puerto Vallarta is home to an inexhaustible supply of fishes that will simply mesmerize you with their breathtaking beauties and little cute antics. In short, Puerto Vallarta fishing will enthrall and interest anybody interested or enthusiastic about fishing – from the beginners in their virgin visit to this destination to the ones who boast of an old hand in deep sea fishing Puerto Vallarta.

Weather at Puerto Vallarta The major fun of Puerto Vallarta fishing comes from the blessings of the Nature in the form of pleasant weather round the year. Unlike other parts of the globe, Puerto Vallarta does not reel under blistering heat during summers and lay frozen during winters. In fact, the place boasts of comfortable tropical weather with temperature averaging around 27 degree Celsius during the day time. The nights are even better with temperature further falling a few degrees allowing the place a wonderful night life.

Different species for different seasons The waters of Puerto Vallarta are never bereft of fishing activities. From June onwards till February, you will always have the large tuna fish catching your sight (and if you are skillful, your line as well!). The marlin with its blue, black or striped avatars and the Dorado form the highlight of the deep sea fishing in Puerto Vallarta, while the sailfish is always there to give you company during the winters. Even a cursory glance of the deep waters next to your fishing boat will give you a glimpse of the teeming aquatic lives of the region.

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