Ohio Bass Fishing – Fun for the Whole Family

Bass fishing is the number one sport in North America and for good reason. Fishing for bass is very challenging and a lot of fun for the whole family. It is a great way for families to spend quality time together while enjoying some of the wonderful things that nature has to offer. Bass fishing also provides the serious angler with a chance to catch that trophy fish they always dreamed about or participate in bass tournaments for some wonderful prizes.

Ohio bass fishing is very popular and you can get some excellent results anytime but especially during the summer months. It is a wonderful place to go for family fun and entertainment because there are numerous lakes and parks in Ohio that offer many wonderful activities for any family member that is not a fan of fishing. They will stay happy and occupied while you enjoy some of the best bass fishing you have ever encountered.

You can’t beat the fun and excitement that Ohio bass fishing can bring. It is an experience that you will love and always remember. There are many great fishing opportunities available in these waters and if you have the chance to enjoy some of it, you really don’t want to let it pass you by.

Best Locations for Ohio Bass Fishing

Ohio is full of many lakes and ponds that provide excellent bass fishing opportunities. You can pick up a map of the lakes and rivers in Ohio that can provide you with some information on the fishing opportunities to find out which areas are considered to be the best when it comes to bass fishing. These can be found at many local bait shops and stateparks. You can also use the internet to learn about the different bass fishing locations in Ohio so you will have an idea of where you can go.

Here are some of the Lakes in Ohio where bass fishing is considered to be


Buckeye Lake

Lake Hope

Knox Lake

Hargus Lake

Seneca Lake

Harrison Lake

Burr Oak Lake

Lake Erie

These are a few of the lakes that are found in Ohio that provide great opportunities for bass fishing. The Ohio River is also an excellent place to catch bass and there are other rivers and lakes available as well.

Tips on Catching Bass in Ohio

Bass love to stay around structures like rocks, stumps, sunken trees and weedy areas. They like the cover these structures provide and they are naturally drawn to these areas of the water. The bass fishing is best when the water temperature is above fifty degrees and below eighty degrees. The largemouth bass is the largest species of bass and can grow up to twenty pounds. The average weight for the other species of bass is around four to five pounds.

Bass eat a variety of foods that includes frogs, smaller fish and tadpoles.

These are great baits to use when you go bass fishing but considering they will strike at just about anything that moves, artificial lures will work very well to. Metallic spinners and lures that are designed from bright colors will attract their attention and draw them in your direction. Weedless lures are recommended as they will not get tangled up as much so you will not lose as many.

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