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Most often, even the most tech-minded individual would want to live life in the streams that life comes in hand. Bass fishing report whether you come home with nothing bass on hand, or you are setting up your camera to capture those beautiful moments when you get the best catch.

Bass fish come in different types; these are the largemouth bass, the striped bass, the smallmouth bass and the spotted bass. The striped bass belongs to the species Percicthyidae and it’s other family members include the white perch and the white bass. Striped bass type and the white bass are also referred to as temperate bass types – because they exercise self-control and self restraints.

The fishing of stripped bass can be very different in comparison to that of other common bass types. The essential thing to keep in mind is that each of these fish type calls for a rather different fishing approach to increase the chances of success in bagging them. The best approach to getting is by learn about the fishs itself, its movement and ability to escape a predator.

The smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and the spotted bass types belong to the family of Centrarchidae which include members like the pumpkinseed and the rock bass, and the bluegills. These bass families are also referred to as the warm water bass or in another name the black bass.

The physical characteristics of a smallmouth bass include vertically striped side, greenish brown color. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is by simply observing their mouth.

If you realize that the upper jawbone of the fish you’ve caught extends past the fish eye, then you’ll know that you have a largemouth bass. But if the type of fish you have caught has a reddish eye color, and an upper jaw bone that stops before the eye, then you have a smallmouth bass in your catch.

The other best clue you can use is the weight of the fish, smallmouth weighs about 7 and

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