New Titusville, Florida Fishing Pier on the Indian River

The new Titusville, Florida fishing pier is finally complete after more than a year in the making. If the initial turnout is any indication, it should remain…
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8 thoughts on “New Titusville, Florida Fishing Pier on the Indian River”

  1. Break a blue crab in half and fish from the end of the lower pier. Pitch it as far out as you can into the channel and close to a piling and hang on.

    Paddle tail baits work for sea trout when you fish them just outside the underwater lights. Ask the shrimpers first about fishing around them.

  2. You are right.I love the band that play there almost every night.I did caught some small sheephead next to those piling,but nothing big enough to keep.I didn’t know about using crabs to fish there.But i saw alot of people catching crabs there.Next time i will be better prepare.I love to go there again.thx

  3. You can catch some huge black drum and bull redfish near the pilings at night using half a crab, cut clams or cut bait at night. If you get skunked, you can always hit the “deck” and enjoy the band they usually have out there.

  4. Just got back from there.Man there is alot of crabing and shrimping there at night.I love catching them big sail cats too.Very good place to fish.

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