Miniss 2012: Canadian walleye fishing

Fly-in trip from Sioux Lookout, Ontario (Slate Falls Airways & Outposts) to Lake Miniss in July, 2012. Not a great yield year for fish, but beautiful weather…

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7 thoughts on “Miniss 2012: Canadian walleye fishing”

  1. Did a search of Lake Minnis & found your video. Our group has been fishing this lake for the last 25 years. In fact in 4 days we will be there.

  2. Hahahaa, mercysmama; yes, I’m afraid I’ve spent so many years mocking our extreme midwestern accent that I’ve actually taken it on, like, to the extreme! But, to be fair, the booaaaat comment and others are exaggerations 🙂  My hollow “O”s betray me!

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