New Jersey Saltwater Fishing For Dummies

If you are looking for Shark, bluefish, tautog, sea bass and flounder, you are going to want to fish in New Jersey. No, you do not need the New Jersey Saltwater fishing for dummies guide. You just need a little expert advice.

Fishing is great from April through December and you will catch some saltwater fish. There are great areas off the New Jersey coastline to catch some spectacular fish. All you need to know is a few basics about the type of fish to catch, what bait to use as well as how to bring them into the boat safely.

An easy way to catch a shark, flounder or a sea robin is with a small hook attached to a three-way swivel. The bait you should use is a strip of squid just hooked through the tip. This method works great for catching these types of saltwater fish.

The new bag limit for flounder is eight a day that will run through May to September, so you will have a nice window for flounder fishing. Using the right bait is going to help you fill your limit. If the fish are not biting, it is wise to check the water temperature, they seem to slow down a bit if the temperatures drop into the lower fifties.

If you want to catch a black drum, the Delaware Bay area is where you should try fishing. You should use a clam near the bottom by the shellfish beds. This fish is large and you need a good test line. The black sea bass is a bottom feeder and bites at fish strips, squid and clams.

You will find these fish near the reefs and some of the shipwrecks. If you are unfamiliar where the reefs and wrecks are located, get a ocean map to help define the location.

To catch a bluefish you are going to troll with some different types of lures. You can also surf cast with some meaty baits. The younger bluefish are usually around the bays and can be caught with a baited hook and a bobber. You can also use a spoon or a bucktail as well.

The summer flounder is New Jerseys sought after fish. The fluke can be caught using a bait that moves while letting the boat drift with the waves. You can fish for the summer flounder from the banks or in a boat. Let the bait drag along the bottom and keep some motion going.

To catch some cod, you can fish the bottom with cut bait or clams in the deep water by shipwrecks during the colder weather. To catch a kingfish, you can use crabs, shrimp, squid or bloodworms on the bottom of the water by the coastal bays. The Delaware Bay is full of croakers that are waiting for some squid, clam or shrimp to feed on.

Mackerel is something New Jersey is known for. There are two kinds of mackerel called the common mackerel and the tinker mackerel. You can catch the mackerel with jigging lures with chum. The mackerel is more often used as bait for other popular fish.

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