Deep Sea Fishing at Sea Isle New Jersey

In ever increasing numbers, fishermen from the novice to the experienced are finding the excitement and adventure of deep-sea fishing easily available in the waters off Sea Isle, New Jersey. With almost year-round fishing opportunities, it remains to simply choose the best time to book a boat or charter. Because of the unique cross flows of the Delaware River, the Hudson River, and the Gulf Stream, a nice variety of fish are attracted to this area. Closer in to shore, you can catch blue fish, striped bass, fluke, and weakfish, to name a few, and there are those who choose to surf fish right from the shore lines of selected beaches.

If you really want the opportunity to be out on the water and go where the bigger boys are, you’ll want to connect with one of the many fishing boats for hire. You can book 1/2 day, 3/4 day, all day or 23 hour night time trips, depending on what you are hoping to catch and how far you are willing to travel. For many fishermen, the excursion is its own reward. For others, the opportunity to do battle with a giant tuna, a swordfish, or mahi-mahi is a challenge like no other.

Families with children can enjoy and afford ocean fishing. As fishermen know, landing a big fish isn’t always about size and strength as much as it is skill and technique. Bluefish usually run up to about 15 pounds, but they do not give in easily. Caught by jigging (dropping un-baited hook and reeling in as fast as possible) or by bait fishing, they will keep even an experienced angler busy. Practiced, professional crews will assist with all aspects, including cleaning and filleting. Bring your own food, beverages, suntan lotion, and of course, a camera to show you with your trophies. You may also want to bring a cooler to store fish that you plan to bring home for a tasty fish fry.

Are you looking for a little more excitement? How about heading out to sea in the late afternoon, catching a few winks in the clean, air-conditioned bunkrooms, and then, sometime around midnight, rising to wage war with the bigger warriors of the deep. In the fall, tuna runs can produce fish anywhere from 25 lbs – 100+ lbs. A tuna is an amazing, unrelenting fighter. It will definitely give you an experience you will always remember. In addition, swordfish have been brought in weighing up to 250 lbs as well as the great tasting mahi-mahi that weighs in at about 20 lbs.

Your fishing experience will last through the night hours until dawn. Coming back to shore is a leisurely boat ride, savoring the recent evening adventures. Be sure to bring a blanket or sleeping bag and pillow. Fishing equipment is rented and bait is provided. Whether you want a family vacation or a weekend away with the guys, deep sea fishing off Sea Isle, New Jersey will offer a unique experience you will remember for years to come.

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