Mackay Fishing Charters!! Mackay fishing charters can be taken with Reefari from Mackay Marina. Check out another awesome fishing trip onboard Reefari, a fishing charter based from Mackay, Queensland smack bang in the middle of the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef. Mackay is truly fishig paradise. A great video showing a great selection of reef fish which we regularly catch. Including a Monster 10kg Nannygai, Red emperor, Coral Trout, Goldspot Cod, Redthroat emporer and even Snapper. Quite a mixed bag and filled the Esky once again. Good fishing when you can fill a Spanish Mackerel esky!! So next time you’re considering a fishing charter, check out our website and come fishing with us, well worth it. With four charter boats, we offer day trips and overnight liveaboards. Even an 80foot motherboat for extended trips up to two weeks and twenty people for that ultimate fishing adventure. Check out our Hardline Reefari, Mothership charter with Raptor II as a tender, and 3 14 foot dories. Simply unbeatable!! Also a new Charter boat, 24ft Obsession for sports fishing charters which can do 40 knots, so hang on!! Ideal for small groups of 2 – 4, and also for Giant trevally fishing, Spearfishing, gamefishing and a bit more. Mackay is located an easy hour or two flight from Brisbane and Sydney North for some of the best fishing Australia has to offer. Subscribe for heaps more fishing action, tips and news, Cheers Greg Check out our Mackay fishing charters website at
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Come aboard Mako for a Mackay fishing Charter for a three day non-stop fishing adventure. This fishing charter was for three days fishing Steven’s Reef and Charlie’s Bommie, about 75 nautical miles from Mackay in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. Some awesome fishing action with a great session on spanish Mackerel, 8 in 45 minutes to get everyone well and truly pumped. That was just the start, We had to leave the fish biting as we were after the Prized Red Emperor. With Jason Kennedy onboard from Southern Cross’s TV show “Fishin Trip”, keen to film some excellant Reef fishing with Red emperors to be the stars. Look out for it showing in October, highlighting some serious Red Emperor fishing from Mackay. The reef fishing was awesome with multiple hookups, heaps of fish, with a huge variety caught, and some quality fish, as the video shows. We ended up with about a dozen Red Emperor, so definately can’t complain, heaps of Spanish Mackerel, and too many too others, too numerous to mention. A monster 10.5 kg Sharky Mackerel was definately a highlight, biggest I’ve seen. Sally our new skipper of Mako, caught the biggest fish, a 25kilo cod which was towed and released. Great to See, Mackay is really cementing it’s place as some of the best fishing on offer on the east coast of Australia. Mako is a big comfy Steber 41 an ideal for a group of 6 for extended fishing charters to the Great Barrier Reef, The fishing is sensational and well worth doing at least

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42 thoughts on “Mackay Fishing Charters!!”

  1. Great fishing and thanks for the support, was a top fishing charter and caught some real nice quality reef fish, and a monster Nannygai!!
    Cheers Greg

  2. Excellant fishing for sure, with some quality reef fishing, Also have a 24 foot charter boat under reefari and Mackay fishing charters, which is going well. Make sure you check out some of our other videos.
    cheers Greg

  3. Good Stuff, Check out our Mackay fishing video, which has the highlights for 2009, with some awesome fishing charters, and some real monster fish, Cheers Greg

  4. Our best is a 20kg goldspot cod, would prefer to let them go, but don’t survive when caught in 50m of water. Best bet for Bluespot Coral trout is livebait, live fusilier along the reef edge and they can’t help themself,
    Cheers Greg

  5. we have never caught a big bluespot any tips on finding the big horse bluespots, we generaly get the barcheeks and what we call passionfruit trouts. also love the huge cod u guys are catching i caught a 18.3kg cod in 80m of water early this year it was awsome !

  6. hi will search around for the pic of the nanny i got pics of other nannys if u like and a 5kg barcheek we got last week, i got 1 photo of a smaller nanny about 10 kg, but ill have to look for the 17kg pic its on my dads computer . … 🙂

  7. Hi James,
    Would love to see a pic of that 17kg Monster, best Largemouth Nannygai we’ve got is 12kg and best is a 15kg Red Emperor.
    Cheers Greg

  8. Hi,
    You get alot of coral trout around the reef edges, and most of our big Bluespot coral trout also come from the reef. We do get a lot of trout in the deep as well, but generally are extra good quality and quite alot of barcheek coral trout.  Josh got a 6kg common trout yesterday, real horse.
    Cheers Greg

  9. gday mate, that was one nice nannygai we caught a 17kg nannygay of cardwell at otter reef a few months back, monsterous fish thought it was a trevva with the constand running and headshakes, we released it to fight another day since we cleaned up on nannygai and red emperor with the occassional trout from the shallows 🙂

  10. Hi Dave,
    Still catching heaps, We’ve got a new Charter vessel for Sportsfishing Mackay, a 21 foot Centre console, does 40knots, and have been getting into nice GT’s up to 30kg,
    Cheers Greg

  11. That’s quite a haul as always – Well done on another great trip and video.
    Dave. DV Editor. BragNRelease.

  12. Kept the good ones, Got a good feed, and gotta love the Red Emperor, we call them in Australia, top eating and a beautiful fish!!
    Cheers Greg

  13. It was a nice Spanish Mackerel, Unfortunately the sharks got it first, Plenty of them on the reef at times, Great trip!!
    cheers Greg

  14. Something you’ve gotta do in your lifetime, visit the Great Barrier Reef, just an amazing place,
    Cheers Greg

  15. That looked so cool… I’m a surf fisherman
    And I’m dreaming about getting into some fish like that…

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