Catamaran Cabin Cruiser Fishing Charters

interested? our fishing season starts now and bookings are now open. should you have any questions and would like to know more about our charters, please con…
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Salmon Brown Trout fishing Lake Ontario Charters Boat, Pulaski 2012 with Reel Silver Charters Salmon River, Lake Ontario, …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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12 thoughts on “Catamaran Cabin Cruiser Fishing Charters”

  1. yong saen says:

    kelak madah ompuan dirik tek teror semua bidang…hahahaha

  2. yong saen says:

    ya right…kenak ko sik madah ko wonder pet? masok dalam minum susu ko nun….

  3. kejobong says:

    nice vids..i’ll be in sarawak somewhere in mid March and planning a short trip for salt flyfishing..bringing a few film crew along for our next short film..will ring you in few days..btw,i’m Aperil Vokii…muah~~~

  4. Naxdaq01 says:

    0.55 apai tgh mabok..hahaha…..1.42 spesis terancam….perlu CnR…lalalala…..1.56 …apuuuu…buang tebiat ka…dh sik da empuan kat dunia tok ka?..ikan mok dicium …trok btol…hahaha….sama juak ngan 2.02….2.10 cute la rasa dirik..hahaha…..ehhhh..2.22 …aku lah….nak terberak ya sebenarnya…hahaha….2.57 cobia on popper beb!!!!….ko ada??..haha…btw…nice bdeo..

  5. TheMonstermash001 says:

    Another quality outing with Captain Dave Silver, Reel Silver Charters. Guys and gals if you have never fished Ontario or even if you are a seasoned angler, this fella knows his business and will put you on a great adventure. Great job Capt Dave……Team BIP Outdoors

  6. ReelSllver says:

    Yes, I run a full time fishing charter service, check out my website, it’s posted below video in the describtion, or call me at (315) 271-8773
    Capt. Dave

  7. ReelSllver says:

    Finally able to Reply, My boat is on the Salmon River, Port Ontario, South-east corner of Lake Ontario, just west of Pulaski.

  8. Sam Gurevich says:

    where on lake ontario do you guide?

  9. xkungfucatt1x says:

    Awesome video, just a boy and his dad, oh, and the Captain, catching tons of fish. that last fish is a tank.

  10. TomGun50 says:

    Would like to have a place to fish like this, these guys make it look easy.

  11. silverbeast20 says:

    Now this is fishing!!!

  12. raftek666 says:

    This must have been one heck of a day !

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