Commercial Halibut 2012

Commercial Fishing in the Kachemak Bay Alaska July 2012.

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21 thoughts on “Commercial Halibut 2012”

  1. that would be long lining yes. a float bag on one end, then an anchor, then X amount of hooks…then another anchor i believe.

  2. thanks for the reply it just puzzles me the way the fisherie works its only a matter of time and so many species will be extinct maybe your kids will be the soldiers to help fix the many problems that exist very hard workers and so important to get them involved keep up the good work with your family you can see all the love you all have for eachother and you cant put a price on that no matter how many halibut you catch regards applewoodsmoker

  3. ha ha. I am a very small boat in the halibut industry. 800 hooks is minuscule in comparison to what is typically fished . The halibut fishery is actually one of the most regulated and watched fishery in the World.IPHC
    It is internationally controlled and fisherman all have a quota. I could fish it one hook at a time or 10,000. I have a set quota and that is what I catch. And all the catch is very regulated at the docks and enforced.

  4. setting 800 hooks u people are going to fish out the species just think if 1000 fisherman do that come on people this is not right iam not trying to bash you but this is totally not responsible

  5. Nice job Len, in ALL aspects! BTW this is Fred, not Les. Les is taking a vacation from YouTube, FaceBook and various other forms of internet interaction 🙂 I’m just cruising his account now 🙂

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