Alaska Fishing Trip – Green Rocks Lodge 2012

This video is dedicated to our father Ed Slack. Thanks for an awesome trip dad, we hope you enjoy the video. We certainly enjoyed living it, making it and “sending it to the cloud” for the whole family to enjoy. Love Dave and Darin.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Alaska fishing trip 2012. We started out with fishing the russian and kenai rivers, where we were chased off by a grizzly bear. We then made our way down to homer, where we jumped on a charter boat (Nautilus II). We spent the night on the boat fishing for halibut as the night turned to day. Once back on land we drove back up to the russian to see if we could land a couple more big sockeye salmon; the same blonde grizzly came to our fishing spot, but this time we left faster. We then made our way up to trapper creek where we spent the rest of our trip chasing silver salmon! The runs were a behind schedule, so it was spotty fishing. The trip ended with a visit to the Anchorage zoo, where we got to see wolves, black bear, polar bear, foxes, and sea lions. I wish I didn’t have to leave Alaska.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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26 thoughts on “Alaska Fishing Trip – Green Rocks Lodge 2012”

  1. michael karkalla says:

    Nice video!!! we were there the following week and also had a blast. Green Rocks lodge, Alaska great place to fish. will be returning soon!!! mike

  2. Mike Coutermarsh says:

    Great video. Looks like it was a good time.. 

  3. Hoverbot1TV says:

    Everyone should be lucky enough to have dad’s that take the time when we are small to save memories of those first real catches. Mine saved all my first types of fish caught from perch to muskies and northern pike I thought were monsters! LOL! cheers here is to dad’s like Ed!!!

  4. Soldier53flyer says:

    great job! we love fishing, my wife and I go all the time. what no flying??

  5. Gonzo3780 says:

    This whole video rocked…I wouldnt have wanted to come home…We have a pretty good outdoor channel from Upper Michigan, lots of Icefishing, some Trapping, and some other great stuff, check us out if you like…

  6. Steeleprophet says:

    I wish the runs were better… They were running behind, and it was tough fishing in some areas.

  7. campbellj20 says:

    Great Video! Looks like you had a better fishing season than I did, and I live in AK.

  8. Steeleprophet says:

    Ratatat- one

  9. Treyki says:

    What’s first song?

  10. Brian Freies says:

    I would have made a cool canada 2012 fishing video but somebody “accidentally” deleted it all ):

  11. JadeAce1 says:

    That’s about the coolest fishing can get lolz

  12. jmacproductions1 says:

    this is a good video 

  13. t4j2k0 says:

    arent you just the fucking greatest!

  14. DanielSunDesigns says:

    GoPro brought me here, and I live in Alaska. Nice job!

  15. luv2flylots says:

    I would never keep Halibut that small….

  16. NinetyEightStudios says:

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  17. TheHugoslavi says:

    les grizzli font peur ! (pour les français)

  18. Nicholasburr22 says:

    Gopro Liked Your Vid! Congrats. I saw it in my news feed

  19. Nick Adams says:

    Cool video! And one of my favorite vactation destinations in the world. I fished the Kenai and Russian in 2011. Then we went to Seward for the Haibut fishing. Can’t wait to go back!

  20. sam hansen says:

    i love bears

  21. sam hansen says:


  22. bikerpersonkid says:

    check out the video of my trip!

  23. Rob Hahn says:

    That whole time the guy who set up the GoPro was thinking c’mon C’mon walk right in front of it C’MON!!!!! HAHAHAH GOT IT!!!….. Shit I hope it was recording.

  24. martisoa says:

    cenas longas de mais, poderia ter acelerado, mais ficou otimo!

  25. mrnixion4833 says:

    Love the first track. Ak for the win!

  26. joseph martinez says:

    very cool video cuz we need to go fishing next time I go up

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