Fishing Charters

Nationwide people all over are getting into the sports craze known as fishing through action packed fishing charters. A fishing charter is a trip wherein the main objective is fishing. Coast to coast from Seattle to the Outer Banks, the Florida Keys to Cape Cod fishing embodies the American past time.

Fishing charters can take place inshore, offshore and off of the Gulf Stream. For the avid fisherman, charters also offer Deep Sea fishing. Weather, tide patterns and water temperatures all play a part in the success of charter fishing. Good weather usually renders much better, and plentiful, catches of fish.

Along with the weather, water temperatures can determine a successful charter with much to catch or not so much in colder temperatures. Safety is also important when going on a fishing charter. It is important to double check your captain’s qualifications and reputation before booking your fishing charter. Fishing charters can be loads of fun, but danger can ensue with an inexperienced captain; make sure to do all of your homework: check with the Better Business Bureau, ask the captain for references, check for insurance and see if your captain is USCG licensed.

Prices for charters vary but often range from $600 and up for either half day to full day charters. Rates also depend on the location of the charter; more popular locales usually require a higher price to go out on them. Charter boats can also range in size from 21 feet and larger. The sport can be great for family outings on large vessels that can accommodate an entire family.

Charter fishing garners many tournaments each year wherein the man with the bigger fish wins and maintains “King Fisherman” bragging rights all season long. Competition can be fierce and the proper equipment can make you stand out from the rest. Equipment most often required for a fishing charter trip is rods and reels, bait and tackle. For an entire day excursion, food and water, along with sunscreen are also recommended. On some charters, refreshments are provided. In some states a fishing license is required to go out on a fishing charter; however, often a charter by itself can cover the need for a license.

To many fishermen, the prize isn’t always in the trophy. The fish that are caught can make any tournament that much more exciting to watch. Some of the fish that are sought after on fishing charters are Billfish, Dolphins, King Mackerel, Tuna, Wahoo, Sharks and even Barracudas.

In that fishing charters require the constant use of many of our countries natural resources, several organizations exist to protect the sacred waters and fish within them. In states all over the country organizations have been created to aid in preservation, conservation, as well as, to bring awareness explaining the importance of keeping the waters clean and the fish safe. Bait your hook and get in on all the fun! Fishing charters can provide quite a few saltwater fishing tips.

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