Charter Fishing In Hawaii – An Adventure Not To Be Missed

It may not make sense at first, but sometimes getting bored is a challenge during a vacation. Sure, you want to have plenty to do, but you don’t want to be rushed or overloaded either. There’s a temptation not to plan vacation time, with the consequence of having way too much downtime. It may not make sense either to run out of things to do in Hawaii. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, once you’ve toured the islands, attended a luau, done a little surfing, and gotten a good tan lolling on the beach, you may find yourself without an interesting activity. Charter fishing in Hawaii is a treat you really shouldn’t miss.

Sports fishing in Hawaii recalls tales of long fights and angry marlin soaring to shake off a lure. Hawaii game fishing is reel-screaming, line-snapping, non-stop action you’ll never forget. Chartering a fishing boat most anywhere is a great way to get in some good game fishing, but in Hawaii, it’s a day-trip you can’t afford to pass up. Here is a little advice that might make your Hawaii charter fishing experience even better.

Because many charter boats sell their catches to subsidize their charter business, you may find charter fishing in Hawaii much less expensive than you expect. There are hundreds of boats available for charter throughout the Hawaiian Islands, so there won’t be a problem finding a vessel. Charter companies in Hawaii have to meet specific requirements to license their business. Their boat must have been inspected for the proper gear, and they must maintain maintenance and repair history records. They also have to document their skill level with big-game fish. You can ask to review these records if you’re a real stickler.

The cost of charter fishing in Hawaii varies depending on where the charter is based and where you want to fish. Near-shore trips will be less expensive than those farther out on the ocean. If you’re marlin fishing, Kona will offer the lowest prices, and Lahaina will be the most expensive.

Don’t worry about having enough fish to bring home. Because most charters also do their own fishing on the trip, the take will most likely be abundant. Just let the charter fishing captain know what you want to do with your catch before the trip begins. However, you may get some resistance if you want to through fish back. Also, don’t expect a refund if you don’t get the catch you wanted. Your fee is for renting the boat and crew, not for the fish you actually catch.

When you charter a fishing boat in Hawaii, the charter fishing boat will usually provide your fishing tackle and equipment. But they’ll expect you to bring your own food and drink. They won’t provide sunscreen either. Waterproof Bullfrog sunscreen is normally used on boats, and we recommend you invest in some. The sun can really damage your unprotected skin on the high sea near Hawaii. And be sure to bring along a pair of polarized sunglasses so that you can see the fish clearly without damaging your eyes. Finally, you’ll need to bring along some extra clothes, as riding the high seas near Hawaii is a very wet proposition.

You might be surprised to know that you won’t be able to bring aboard bananas. Not just in Hawaii, many cultures think bananas onboard is bad luck. Why tempt fate? Leave your bananas at the hotel or in your beach house.

It’s not as easy to do last-minute charter fishing in Hawaii as on the mainland. You’ll need to do your homework, learning where the best places are for the fishing experience you seek. You’ll also need to check out the record and reputations of specific charter fishing companies. You’ll find plenty of information on charter fishing in Hawaii on the Internet, so take advantage of this rich resource.

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