Taking Hawaii Submarine Tours

Hawaii is definitely the place to go for adventure. Of course there is sunbathing, guided tours and extravagant shows, but Hawaii has a lot to offer for those who like a physical challenge or extreme adventure. There is rock climbing, deep sea diving, horseback riding, para sailing, hiking, helicopter rides, whale watching and even submarine tours. Hawaii submarine tours are one of the most exciting and adventurous tours you can take when you are on the islands.

What are Hawaii submarine tours?

Hawaii submarine tours use passenger submarines to take travelers under the sea in order to observe ocean life and the terrain that goes with it. Being able to see the marine life of Hawaii up close is fascinating. On the tours, passengers can expect to see many species of tropical fish, turtles and manta rays. They will also observe coral reefs and sunken ships and airplanes. The submarines come in different sizes depending on the tour. The smaller subs seat about 48 passengers and the larger subs seat about 64 passengers. Both sizes have large viewing windows and state of the art technology.

There are several companies operating Hawaii submarine tours around the islands, the largest being the Atlantis Adventures Company. They provide different underwater adventures to enjoy and have standard and premium packages. They feature the Atlantis Submarine underwater adventure, which has the most technologically advanced vessels of their kind. In this underwater vessel, passengers will travel one hundred feet below the ocean’s surface to encounter the fascinating creatures that inhabit the coral reefs and sunken ships. The duration of the tours provided by the Atlantis Adventures Company is about an hour and forty five minutes in length. There is also a tour guide on board to point out various kinds of sea life and educate passengers on the history of this underwater paradise.

The Atlantis Company knows the ocean well. They operate 13 locations around the world and have taken over three quarters of a million people on under sea adventures. They are one of the most established adventure tour companies in the world, and they definitely have brought their experience and technology to provide some of the best Hawaii submarine tours on the islands.

Because of the popularity of the tours, it is wise to book well in advance. Also, most submarine companies provide other types of tours on the island like snorkeling, whale watching, diving, and helicopter tours that can be booked together in money saving packages.

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