Hawaii Fishing: Is Bottom Fishing the Way to Go?

If you’re trying to plan your Hawaii fishing excursion, you have no shortage of options ways that you can go about it. It can all seem a bit overwhelming, really. What type of Hawaii fishing trip is the best way to go? If you are looking for a fun filled day with the family that still gets you the very real experience of being on a boat, the answer to that question may very well be bottom fishing!

What is Bottom Fishing?
Bottom fishing is, quite simply, fishing for the critters who live at the bottom of the ocean. It is one of the easier ways to catch fish, making it ideal if you’re just out for the day and would like to brag to your friends back home about the fish you caught while on vacation.

Where do I go to Bottom Fish in Hawaii?
Almost every island has boats you can charter which will generally take you off-shore up to about 100 miles.  Generally, the water best for bottom fishing is around 60-180 feet deep and offers you the opportunity to catch smaller varieties of many different species of fish.

What kind of fish can I catch while Bottom Fishing in Hawaii?
The answer to this depends on where you’re fishing as well as what kind of bait and tools you are using.  Many charter boats will help you target fish such as Bonefish, Moana, Weke, Ulua, Ta’ape, Opelu, Menpachi, O’ie, Snapper and Akule – all are very tasty and enjoyable fish to hunt.

Do I get to keep the fish I catch in Hawaii and do I need a license?
You do not currently need a license to fish in Hawaii’s oceans and it is generally customary to give your catch to the crew to help them defray costs. However, many charter boats will also let you keep your catch, help you cook it or even help you mount it – depending upon what you want.

If I charter a bottom fishing trip in Hawaii, what else can I expect?
The answer to this again depends on the type of tour you book, but many Hawaii fishing boats include such amenities as hot and cold fresh water, restrooms, showers, private cabin space, BBQ lunches and even hydrophones to listen to the whales.

Some will take you just off-shore to lay anchor and wait; others will sail to multiple locations around any given island. You can book both private and shared tours, but you should always book in advance – Hawaii fishing is a popular activity, after all!

Most boats provide all the equipment and training you’ll need, although you should always plan on bringing your own sunscreen, bathing suit, towel and motion sickness medication if you need it.

So, should you choose a bottom fishing tour be when planning your Hawaii fishing trip? It certainly can’t hurt. Plus, it’ll give you a great idea about whether you want to go farther from shore for a longer excursion the next time or whether you’d rather stick to casting off the shore!

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