Babalou Means Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

There’s more to Puerto Vallarta than pretty beaches and tanned bodies – plenty of people book a Mexican vacation villa rental in order to have daily access to the great fishing in Banderas Bay. Blue water fishing on Mexico’s Pacific coast will give you a chance to hook up with creatures that will never fit in a pan. Deep sea fishing is a year-round activity, and no matter what time of year you’re visiting town, something wet and desirable is lurking beneath the waves, just waiting to hit your bait.

Take a boat . . .
There’s nothing wrong with surf fishing, but if you want to catch up with the really big ones, you’re going to want to take a charter boat fishing expedition on the bay. When you bring home the bacon, so to speak, at the end of an exhausting day on the waves, you’ll not only impress your housemates (and your mate), you will have first bragging rights when dinner is served in your Mexican vacation villa rental.

Until you’ve seen the photos, it’s difficult to comprehend what they mean when a fisherman returns from a day on Banderas Bay saying s/he caught “a big one” – or better yet, “a heifer.” Honestly, the yellow fin tuna, dorado and marlin that anglers pull out of these waters can be huge. Some are so large, in fact, and put up such a fight that it takes more than one person to bring them to the boat.

One charter fishing operation that receives good reviews from fishing folk: Captain Louis and the Babalou, a 29 ft. super-panga (around here, panga is the word for a fast, sturdy fishing boat). The boat offers guests a premium fishing experience, with two powerful motors, a viewing tower and an enclosed head (that’s a private privy, for those unfamiliar with watercraft). You’ll find her at Los Peines when she’s not out on the bay.

Captain Louis and his boat are all about the fishing, although they’re ready and willing to lend a snorkel if you want to see what’s going on below. He runs catch-and-release expeditions – preserve your victory on film, then turn ‘em loose. Don’t wait too long to reserve his services for a day or two – this is a very popular pastime. And two quick tips: sun screen is always a good idea when you’re out on the waves; and fishing can be thirsty work, so drink plenty of water.

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