Thrilling Jet Boat Ride Hot Spots In Perth- Australia

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is visited by more than 2 million people per year! People who would like to avoid din and bustle of the city life usually prefer Perth, the most isolated city of the world. Perth has many things to offer to its visitors. One of the most attractions of Perth is the water recreation. There are many kinds of water recreations in Perth and also there are many hot spots for the water-based activities. Jet boat ride is one of the most adventurous and most liked water recreations here in Perth. There are several hot spots for the water recreations and your water fun will not complete until you do not go for a jet boat riding here in Perth. The Swan River, Fremantle, Hillarys and the Perth Northern Beaches are probably the hottest spots for jet boat ride in Perth.

Jet Boating in the Swan River

The city Perth, which is encircled with nineteen beaches, has special affinity with water. This affinity with water makes Perth a paradise of the water fun lovers. If you happen to be in Perth, jet boating in the Swan River is an activity you would never like to miss! You may have never imagined that you would roar in the Swan River at a speed 70 to 80 km/h! When you will do jet boating in the Swan River, you will experience twisting, sliding and close encounters of a true jet boating experience. A jet boat ride in the Swan River typically includes fish tails, wave surfing, beach blasting, massive sideward slides and incredible 360-degree spins. You will feel the wind in your hair and have fun and excitement when you will go for a jet boat riding.

Jet Boating in Fremantle

Fremantle, located just 19 km southwest of Perth at the mouth of the Swan River, is also another hot place for the jet boat ride. A jet boat ride in Fremantle with 700 to 850 horsepowers will give you a trilling experience on water that will remain ever fresh in your mind. So, if you come to Perth, do not miss a great jet boat ride in Fremantle. It is only a 20-minute drive from the Perth city center.

Jet Boating in Hillarys and the Perth Northern Beaches

Hillarys, situated in the northern coastal suburb or the Perth Northern Beaches, is just 16 km from Perth’s city center. Experiencing Hillarys and the Perth Northern Beaches with a jet boat riding is an adventure that will give you the feel of a theme park ride on water!

Jet Boating for Children

Jet boat riding for children is available in Perth. It is an awesome experience the children will surely love. A jet boating will give them the thrills and excitement of the theme park riding experience. So, a jet boating ride for children in the Swan River will be an experience they will greatly enjoy.

Jet Boating for Family

It is an experience that you can share with others, especially family members. It is much more than a simple outing. So, you can go for a jet boat ride in Perth with your family members. It will make a memory that you may not forget soon!

So, whether you are a visitor or a local, you would surely love the jet boat riding here in Perth. Moreover, if you are looking for an experience gift that will surprise your friends, colleagues or children, a Perth jet boat ride package is ideal for you.

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