Big game fishing

Dr. Charles Frederick Holder was the human agent who led to the invention of big game fishing, but another very important contributor to the sport’s development was the invention of the motorised boat. As big game fishing is a form of recreational or sport fishing that targets large fish renowned for their sporting qualities, the need for a boat of sufficient seaworthiness and range to transport the crew to the fishing grounds and back is essential and thus the motorised boat was a boon to the fledgling sport.

Fish Varieties and Luring Techniques

The fish normally targeted by people going for big game fishing include the following varieties:

• Billfish – broadbill swordfish, marlin and sailfish

• Large tunas – bluefin, yellowfin and bigeye

• Sharks – mako, great white, tiger, hammerhead and other large species

Two techniques are used to lure fish during big game fishing. They are:

1. Trolling – In this method, fish are enticed by trolling fishing lures behind the boat. These lures often resemble squids or other bait fish.

2. Chumming – Chumming or berley is a technique in which pieces of bait fish are thrown overboard in order to attract bigger fish.

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