Bow Fishing – Help Tips and Advices

Have you ever tried bow fishing? Also known as archery fishing, this type of fishing is quite a popular game wherein an angler or fisher utilizes the usual archery equipment to catch fish. A regular type of bow is likewise commonly used for bow fishing – this can be done when one attaches the reel to the bow grip front. This kind of fishing is loved by the regular hunters especially during deer off-season.

Before one enjoys the game of bow fishing, he must be aware of the various tips and advices.

First of all, you must be a licensed fisherman. Many US states require that one obtains a fishing license first before he can fish within the state.

Secondly, you must have the proper equipment. Most US states likewise have a list of approved bow fishing equipment. Anyone who desires to go enjoy this type of fishing must first acquire such equipment and gear. It is best to research and own all the fishing equipment required by the state where you intend to go.

Have you undergone the Archery or Bow Safety Course? There are many states that require individuals to undergo the approved bow fishing course. Such course provides training on proper archery fishing and therefore ensures that those who go through it will become competent bow fishers, knowledgeable on the safety precautions as well as the proper methods and procedures to ensure safe bow fishing.

It is also very likely that you cannot fish all year long. Some states only allow archery fishing at certain seasons of the year. The reason for this is that they allow the various species of fish to spawn and populate. Likewise, not all species of fish can be caught. Do check on state fishing laws to know which species of fish are only allowed for bow fishing.


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