The Best Montana Fly Fishing Rivers

There is no other place on Earth that is better known for its superb fly fishing than Montana. Montana boasts many fly fishing rivers that are quite simply a cut above the rest and an outing to one of these rivers is sure to bring in some trophy sized trout and create some memories that will last a lifetime.

The biggest problem is though, with so many great fly fishing rivers to choose from in Montana, how do you know which ones are the best? While you really cant go wrong in Montana when it comes to fly fishing there are three rivers in particular that are known by fly fishermen everywhere and are consistently getting rave reviews by those who are looking for keepers and those who simply enjoy to catch and release. These three magnificent Montana rivers are as follows:

1. The Flathead River: The Flathead River in Northwestern Montana is the first river that those in the know will bring up every time. Trout fishing in the South Fork of the Flathead is outstanding for two main reasons. The first is the fact that Montana officials have set limits to the fish that can be kept and many fly fishermen therefore struggle to find trout that are small enough to keep. The second reason for the great fly fishing is the fact that the river is somewhat remote and sometimes getting to that perfect spot is a job in itself. However, the fish are not as pressured as they are in other rivers and therefore are very susceptible to many different types of flies.

2. Clark Fork River: The Clark Fork River is located in Western Montana and is, in one word, exciting when it comes to fly fishing. Because the river is very long running at over 300 miles, the lower parts hold great habitats for fish to thrive in and thus provide a great place for fishermen to fish. Fly fishing and regular fishing will be greatly rewarded when a visit to the Clark Fork River is enjoyed.

3. Yellowstone River: The Yellowstone River is in Southwest Montana and originates of course in Yellowstone National Park. Because the Yellowstone River stretches such a big portion of Montanas landscape fly fishermen never really struggle with catching trout, but rather where they will begin and which trout they will count towards their limit. Add in the unbelievably beautiful scenery that surrounds the Yellowstone River and it is a true cant miss combination.

While there are many other rivers in the state of Montana that will produce many strikes to your fly fishing rig, these three will offer fish time and time again. All three also offer a good variety of fly fishing guides who can be hired by you or your group to ensure that you are led to the perfect trout hot spot.

No matter which one of the three Montana Rivers you decide to visit you are sure to get your fly fishing fix well taken care of. Just as other states are known for certain activities, when it comes to great fly fishing, there is nothing that compares to the wonderful rivers of Montana.

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