Montana Fly Fishing – The Sheer Joy of It!

Montana fly fishing is a true escape. You’ll lose yourself!

After finishing off a down home breakfast, you stroll out of the local restaurant. You then hop into your truck and you head out through 20 miles of the most breathtaking highway you’ll ever see.

Decorated with the most amazing wildflowers, and overflowing with majestic creatures, you cannot help but stare as you pass by beautiful mountains, plateaus and lakes. you can only think it’s a dream. While specific names of the locale are removed from this article, these breathtaking beautiful surroundings are repeated again and again throughout the state of Montana.

In the back of the truck are your rods and reels, and you are about to step into a slice of heaven on earth as you discover Montana fly-fishing.

When you come to Montana, it is like time itself has stopped. The pace is slowed so as to take in every precious moment. The surroundings are so untouched, so clear, and incredibly beautiful but you know you can’t stare long enough to keep the picture forever in your mind. Cowboys scattered about, families enjoying the good-natured freedom, and some of the best fly fishing you could imagine.

Montana fly-fishing is of legend making proportions. Coming from all around the world, anglers seek to fish the secluded mountain lakes, and Blue Ribbon Trout Rivers. If you are looking for quiet and solitude while catching some fresh fish, Montana fly-fishing is for you.

Whether cutthroat, rainbow, or golden, the trout are just some of the fish you will find on your Montana fly fishing adventure.

If climbing through narrow mountains, and carrying extra gear isn’t for you, there are also plenty of lakes and streams to spend your time in.

When you head out into the lakes, you will find a large variety of fish. Not just rainbow and lake trout, but bass, pike, and whitefish.

There are also more than 40 rivers to experience your Montana fly fishing trip. Montana’s catch and release policies, and protection of habitats help to assure these waters will be well stocked for all the fishing you’ll want to do.

Take a week, and head for a Montana fly-fishing trip for fun. Take the family and while you’re there you can camp at Yellowstone National Park enjoying age old, untouched natural wonders. Have a day to go sea kayaking or sailing. Hike through many old mountains, take an evening bike ride, and settle in around a cozy fire eating marshmallows, telling stories, and getting ready for your next day of Montana fly fishing.

Next time, I’ll bet that you’ll make every attempt to schedule more time for your Montana fly-fishing trip. It is addictive!

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