The Amboseli National ParkThe Fishing Lodge is located in the Aberdare National Park about 180 Kilometers from Nairobi and just 40 kilometers from Nye

Its located on the Kenyan border with Tanzania in Kajiado District the South of Kenya. The park covers over 392km2.It has wide range of wildlife and therefore attract many tourists especially during the dry seasons of the year. It was established in 1968 and gazetted latter as a national park inn the year 1974.
The Amboseli National park forms part of the Amboseli ecosystem made up of open plains, acacia woodland, rocky thorn bush country, swamps and marshlands. Temporary Lake Amboseli forms during the rainy seasons and dries during long dry periods.
Mount Kilimanjaro landscapes the park reflecting its magnificent stature on the horizons.

The Amboseli National Park is usually dry and hot and experiences two rainy seasons in April/May and November/December. Its about 33°C during the day and 27-28°C when it’s cold.
The park is covered with a good road network though most parts are not passable with small vehicles during rainy seasons and very dusty when the weather is dry.

Amboseli National Park is both accessible by road from Nairobi or by light aircrafts landing at Empusel gate in the park or Kilimanjaro Buffalo lodge airstrip and Namanga town then drive to the park gate where entry is by KWS Smart Card. The Park is about 315 Kilometers from Nairobi using Namanga route and 291 Kilometers using the Nairobi- Emali route.
From Mombasa, the park is mostly accessed through the Tsavo West using the Kimana Gate.
Other park gates include, the Kelunyiet, the lremito, the Ilmeshanan and the Kitirua gate where the KWS smart card is required for park entry fee payment before passing through.

Among the park attractions is the scenic view of Mt Meru, Climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountain, Wildlife sighting and spotting, Masai men and their culture.
Accommodation facilities in the Amboseli National Park include, the Amboseli Serena Lodge, Kimana Lodge, Tortilis Tented Lodge, Oltukai Lodge and camping sites like the  Leopard Tented Camp, Tortilis Tented Camp, Nairushari Special, Olgulului Public Campsite, Abercrombie & Kent Tented Camp, Ker & Downy Tented Camp, Chyulu Tented Camp, Kimbla Campsite, Cottar’s Tented Camp.

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