Fishing Safari Expedition In Murchison falls National Park- Uganda is Unique

Murchison falls national park is largest wildlife park in Uganda. It is located in the north west part of the country. The great River Nile passes through this park and forms thunderous gigantic falls referred to as Murchison falls named By one of the old explorers Henry Stanley Manton. The park is now enrolled among those places where fishermen internationally converge  for fishing  tournaments.

 Once or twice on specific time of the year is reserved  where anglers converge and compete among themselves to catch the Nile perch specie type of fish.  This type of fish could be the largest one can find in fresh waters. A grown up Nile Perch can weigh up to 300 kg . However the common ones range from  50kg to 150kg.

 At specific day , the strident blast of the starters whistle at barely- light 6.30am in the morning. All anglers well armed with fishing rods ,lures, gaffs, and  bait , they set off up river the 13 kilometers  towards the falls dodging schools of hippos and massive crocodiles that frequent these wild waters. Even the regular anglers of this park will marvel at the elephants, buffalo, lion, giraffe, that adorn the river banks and the teeming birdlife that squawks and calls in indignation of the strange creatures floating on their river. It is such attractions that make this park unique and  famous for Uganda safaris.You do not have to miss this if you are sport fisherman . Will enjoy a lot as many as 20 boats ranging from small to medium boats all will form  frantic activity. Apart from Nile perch, there other fish species like cat fish, angara,  grown up tilapia etc.

 The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) the custodian of Uganda national parks should jealously guard this park and take it as a treasure to Uganda. There are not many national parks in the world where you can legally sport fish and  100kg fish in weight. Provided UWA continues to protect this park as an incredible asset where sport fishermen can catch fish and immediately release all big game alive   this will make tourist flock to Uganda for Uganda tours as well as  providing a good habitat for this unique fish species and wildlife.

At the moment , lots of oil have been explored and this park seem to form one the biggest reserves of oil in the near future.  So the wildlife existence  is likely to be in balance at the option of making money from the oil exploration.

Keep watching for updates to keep this park natural . Biologists should rise to fight and protect this park.


Fred Bukenya is seaoal tourism writer and tour operator.

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