Swimming safely while Camping pt.2 : Wade fishing

There’s nothing like putting on some old shoes and walking out into the fish’s domain, strolling along to find that perfect casting position, on a group of cattails or Lily Pads. Maybe for you it’s walking the river trying to locate the hole that has a big one. It makes for a very good time, connecting with nature and that peace everyone’s looking for.

When wade fishing a person should be very vigilant of drop offs. Primarily in lakes that get larger waves from our lovely Kansas winds. People have drowned when they stepped over a drop off. A wave’s action can actually hold you against the wall of a steep drop off, others can be dragged under by their wader’s, simply tripping over a stump while fishing on the edge of the drop off. All waders should either be skin tight neoprene or keep the shoulder straps very loose for a quick escape.

Cattails only grow in a few feet of water and can be indicators of a near by drop offs. Fishermen are often getting very close to cattails, right where Water Moccasins “Cottonmouth’s” frequently hunt. Kansas has 5 species of poisonous snakes and you should know before you go, if they’re in the area you will be camping or fishing. Though the golden rule of; “they are more afraid of us, than we are of them” remains true, sneaking around in there territories can surprise these poisonous reptiles which may react defensively.

When wading around in the rivers of Kansas you must watch your every move. You should be knowledgeable about currents dangerous creatures and be mindful of just about anything from old barrels to log jams in the water. Check out the third part of this series on swimming in rivers for more tips and reminders. Until then get out there and go Kansas Camping.   Kansas Wildlife and Parks

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