How To Bring In Bass While Fishing In Mexico

Many people mistake bass fishing as an American pastime, but the truth is that there are other areas of North America that produce large quantities – and large sizes – of bass. Mexico bass fishing is a great example of a virtually untapped resource for many avid bass anglers, and a vacation to Mexico for an exciting visit to one of the many lakes where Mexico bass fishing is best may be just the thing for these fishermen.

Probably the most famous Mexico bass fishing lake is Lake El Salto. It is 50 miles north of the Mazatlan seaside resort area and has a new lodge that is right on the water at one of several inns and resorts by the lake. For those who are not very experienced with bass fishing, there are several guides available on the lake to take you out to the hot spots where you’ll find trophy sized bass, as well as large quantities of fish for the catch. Look for great food and service at any one of the accommodations on the lake. When the lake first opened to the public for bass fishing, everyone was taking home their first trophy fish. The lake is full of big fish to fry, and crankbaits and topwater baits seem to be the preferred choice among anglers here for the best catch.

Lake Baccarac is another good choice for Mexico bass fishing. It was stocked in 1978 with several Florida largemouth bass and has thrived with the population ever since, considered a “dream” by many anglers. Considered a trophy lake, anglers rave about the sheer number of bass in the lake and never fail to pull out huge specimens that rank as trophies. Again, there is more than one lodge on the lake, and several of them offer first class accommodations to guests. However, if you are a minimalist, you can also camp out in certain areas around the lake. The lake is 25 miles long and 5 miles wide, surrounded by mountain peaks covered by lush, green trees, making it a natural haven of beauty as well as a fine fishing lake.

Take a trip to the Sierra Madre Mountains and discover some excellent Mexico bass fishing lakes, including Lake Huites. While not known for trophy sized productions, the lake is chock full of bass in large quantities, and most are of good size and quality. Or, if you want a longer fishing season, you can head down to Lake Agua Milpa in the coastal state of Narayit, where the lake has been opened up for Mexico bass fishing in March, April, and May. Recently stocked with largemouth bass from other area lakes, the population has begun to boom in this large lake. However, don’t take a net with you – they aren’t allowed. Of course, it doesn’t make much difference because the bass can be caught in droves during these early months of spawning season. Continue fishing through June and find heavy success due to milder temperatures than many other area lakes and long summer days.

Lake Guerrero is a fine location for Mexico bass fishing, with several lodges for travelers, including some that offer affordable bass fishing packages that include guided tours of the lake for a guaranteed catch, especially for novices. Aside from the fabulous largemouth bass fishing availability, you can also find good opportunities for bird hunting, if you so desire.

Several other lakes have been stocked recently to add to the number of Mexico bass fishing lakes that can draw tourists to the country, and over the next few years, these lakes will begin to thrive as well. The warmth of the Mexican climate is conducive to heavy spawning and fast growth for bass, as well as long lifetimes. While the United States has immeasurable opportunities for bass fishing, heading to Mexico for a vacation in an exotic country while still enjoying the sport you love can make for a great fishing excursion.

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