Surf Fishing With Shimano Rods

What is surf fishing?

Surf fishing is a form of saltwater fishing that lets the fishing enthusiast fish from the comfort and the security of the shore. Many fishing enthusiasts, either by choice or due to circumstance, choose to fish from the safety and comfort of the beach. Most surf fishing enthusiasts prowl the beach in their four wheel drive fishing vehicles looking for a suitable place to fish. They are looking for clues such as eddies, flocks of birds, or a school of bait fish, which indicate the presence of fish in the vicinity. Once a suitable place has been found it is time to get the fishing gear on and to cast the lines.

What sort of Equipment do I require?

Surf fishing a specialized form of fishing and require highly specialized equipment. Surf fishing rods have to be long and be able to withstand the force of slinging the lead weight and bait to distance of up to hundred yards. To efficiently handle the strain, these reels have to be heavy duty in design and function.

What are Shimano Rods?

Shimano is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality, precision-engineered fishing equipment. It was started by Shozaburo Shimano in 1921 in Kansai, Japan. Shimano aims to make the highest quality products and the immense popularity of Shimano products in the world of competitive fishing is a testimonial to the high standards of the Japanese multinational.

Shimano makes fishing rods to suit every kind of fishing and the expertise level of every fishing enthusiast. Shimano rods are known for their ingenious technical improvements and reliability. Lets us take a look at the different kinds of Shimano rods and their use in the world of fishing.

Does Shimano produce rods for Surf Fishing?

Shimano produces some of the best available rods in the market for surf fishing. In fact the Shimano Tirajelo was awarded the prestigious ICAST award for Best in Show-Saltwater Rodin the year 2006. Backed by the famous Shimano guarantee of quality, Shimano rods are your best bet when it comes to surf fishing.

Shimano Tiralejo

The award-winning Shimano Tirajelo is one of the best fishing rods that you can get for surf fishing. These Shimano rods are made of the patented Shimano High Modulus TC4 K construction. They are lightweight, yet offer high power. These Shimano rods are available in spinning and casting variants. They feature high quality Alconite guides, a specially designed comfortable handle with special Black Diamond grips for non-slip handling, and a custom counter balance system. Their best feature is the accuracy with which they enable you to cast your lure over great distances.

Shimano Aspire

The Shimano Aspire surf multiplier rods are built in consultation with Peter Thain, the world distance casting record holder. These Shimano rods are constructed from XT300 low resin content carbon to offer a featherweight powerhouse. These Shimano rods can be used with single or multiple lures and are sensitive enough to detect the faintest of bites over large distances.

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