Are You Fishing With the Right Reel? Maybe You Should Try Shimano Reels.

Are you fishing with the right reel? Maybe you should try Shimano Reels.

Whether you’re a freshwater or saltwater fisherman, you’ve probably asked yourself the question, “Am I using the right fishing reel?” Because let’s face it – if you’re not catching fish, something has to give! And guys, we all know it isn’t us! It’s undoubtedly the fishing rod, fishing reel, the weather – basically anything but us!

Well, I have good news: Shimano has a fishing reel for virtually every type of fishing, whether you’re a fresh or saltwater fisherman. Let me walk you through a few different types of Shimano Reels. We’ll go through these in 5 different posts, and when we’re finished you should have a good idea whether or not you’re using the Shimano Reel that will best suit your fishing style.

It’s important to understand that Shimano Reels are grouped into five major categories:

•Shimano Conventional Reels
•Shimano Low Profile Baitcasting Reels
•Shimano Round Baitcasting Fishing Reels
•Shimano Offshore Spinning Reels
•Shimano Traditional Spinning Reels

Today we’ll discuss Shimano’s Conventional line of fishing reels. Shimano Conventional reels are an excellent choice for both offshore saltwater fishing as well as blue water fishing.

If you didn’t know (and don’t be ashamed guys), offshore saltwater fishing is fishing away from the shore, usually on a boat. Offshore saltwater fishing includes the following types (but is not limited to) of fishing: bottom fishing, angling, blue water fishing, and many more types of fishing.

Blue water fishing is exactly what it sounds like – fishing in blue water! Fish for cod, shark, and bluefin fish with a great conventional reel from Shimano.

For blue water fishing, the Shimano Torsa is an excellent choice. This stellar fishing reel was awarded the best choice award for Bluewater fishing as well as a “best in show” and “best in category” by the American Sporfishing Association.

If you’re an angler, don’t miss the Shimano Tekota. This great Shimano Reel has a built-in line counter so you’ll know exactly how deep you’re fishing. The Shimano Tekota comes in 4 models, the Shimano Tekota 300, the Shimano Tekota 500, the Shimano Tekota 600, and the Shimano Tekota 800.

Is Marlin / Tuna fishing your sport? The Shimano Tyrons is an absolutely stellar fishing reel for all heavy duty saltwater fishing applications. The Tyrons comes in many models as well as a few two-speed options.

Finally, the Shimano Torium is a great reel, light in weight yet durable in construction, that will work well in all live bait or bottom water fishing application. The very versatile Shimano Torium comes in 5 different models: the Shimano Torium 14, the Shimano Torium 16, the Shimano Torium 20, the Shimano Torium 30, and the Shimano Torium 50. With so many different options, you’ll have a hard time settling on just one Torium!

Be sure to check back for Part 2 of our 5 Part session on Shimano Reels. Part 2 will be about Low Profile Baitcasting Reels – yet another excellent line of Shimano Reels.

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