Salmon Fishing in Saltwater – Preferred Fishing Sport

Salmon fishing is one of the most preferred fishing sports around the world. Salmon fish is one of the most popular fishes, as far as human consumption goes. Saltwater salmon fishing got new heights eventually as these fish are taken from their saltwater marine environment by commercial trawlers in million of numbers and the data is increasing every year. Because of their taste, abundance and fight, salmon is a highly prized fish of all. There is a number of species of salmon that can be found on freshwater, but most alluring of them are available in saltwater. Saltwater salmon fishing is a must in order to bring them to the table or the trophy plaque.

Saltwater salmons are difficult to catch without using a “bottom bouncing” technique. For example, fish like Coho and Sockeye – who feed primarily off of plankton in the ocean – can be difficult to catch unless in their saltwater environment, same is the case of salmon as well. The economy of the entire towns of West Coast of North America and in particular Alaska and British Columbia is largely based on the saltwater salmon fishing industry. Apart from these, several spots on Vancouver Island enjoy a rivalry as the best salmon fishing spots in Canada, including the towns of Port Alberni and Campbell River.

Recreational saltwater salmon fishing can take place in a couple of different ways. The most preferred way is through a private chartered company as there are a number of companies all over coastal areas who assist you to take such trips. Some of these companies are located in incredibly secluded spots such as Bella Coola. You need to fly in on specially chartered planes to enjoy the unique salmon fishing experience in this paradise. There are several other towns, which see a huge business in salmon fishing round the year. Salmons are most available during the start of spring and continue coming on the shores until late fall.

Salmon Fishing Trips

Salmon fishing trips can be booked for as little as a few hours or for as long as a week or more according to the preference and budget of the enthusiasts. There are companies those have infrastructures which provide lodging for fishing guests as well as the guides, boats and other equipment needed for an exciting vacation out on the water for saltwater salmon fishing.

One can also take any private route as well for saltwater salmon fishing and if you are fortunate enough to live near the ocean or have friends who do, it can add up to your pleasures. Private boats as well as charters are easily available which are usually equipped with sonar equipment allowing to locate schools of salmon and increases the odds of a successful outing. Just remember, when you go out on the ocean, you are dealing with nature in one of its most powerful and uncompromising elements. Conditions can change suddenly and a boat is very vulnerable to all kinds of weather. Remember to carry all your survival gear and make sure to consult forecasts before you head out.

Things that are necessary to carry when you are out for saltwater salmon fishing:

Like mentioned above, going out on the ocean without any experienced guide on the ocean is absolutely NOT recommended at all! The ocean demands a massive amount of respect and there are too many factors that make ocean fishing a dangerous sport for those who are inexperienced. Apart from the wise head, who need to accompany you, the followings are some practical helps (other then you fishing gears) that you need to bag before you out in the waters.

1. Flares

2. First aid kits

3. Fire extinguisher

4. Maps or GPS

5. VHF radio

6. Bail bucket or pump

7. Cell phone

1. Wet weather jacket, pants and boots

2. Extra layers of clothing

3. Hat (with draw string preferably)

4. Extra socks

5. Sun screen

6. Cell phone

7. Large cooler for fish

8. Saltwater fishing license and appropriate tags if applicable

9. Camera

10. Gravol (a medicine that help to prevent sea sickness)


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