Let’s Go Fly Fishing In Colorado

Some of the most spectacular fly fishing in the United States can be found in the state of Colorado. In fact, when many people think of fly fishing, they automatically think of Colorado before anyplace else. It is true that Colorado has some amazing fly fishing places that have some trophy-sized fish in them.

The Frying Pan River is well-known as one of the best fly fishing rivers in the entire state. This is a beautiful river with easy access. Located just outside of Aspen, the Frying Pan is host to a variety of trout including rainbow, brown and cutthroat. There are year-round hatches making fly fishing in any season possible for the avid fisherman.

Another great river in the Aspen area is the Roaring Fork. This diverse river varies from small and calm to large and mighty in places. The river is classified as wild trout waters and is easily accessible down the Rio Grande Trail. As with the “Pan”, year-round fishing is available. You will find mostly wild rainbow trout in the Fork with an occasional wild brook trout.

The North Platte River was once used by pioneers to traverse portions of the West. Indians hunted buffalo along its shores, and its fish population has made it a legend among fly fishers. It is located in Northwestern Colorado and has been rated a gold medal river by experts. You will find many trout in the waters of the Platte and be able to enjoy some beautiful scenery at the same time!

In the Vail area, you can fish the Colorado River which is located in the Rocky Mountain National Park. This is a river that is mostly wide and deep with a gently moving current. Cottonwood trees line the shore providing many hiding spaces for the brown trout that are abundant in this water.

The Arkansas River is located in the southwestern portion of the state and provides some great trout fishing for anglers. Mid-winter is a great time to fish the Arkansas for trout as is the spring time. Around Mother’s Day every year, many fishermen descend on the Arkansas for the annual caddis hatch which is huge. Brown trout feed on caddis and they come “out of the woodwork” for this hatch.

These are only a few of the places where fly fishing in Colorado is plentiful. The countryside is gorgeous and the fish plentiful. There are also lots of great lodges that accommodate fly fishermen on a year-round basis. Fly fishing in Colorado might be the piece de resistance for many fishermen. Check out this great state and enjoy your adventure!

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