Is Bass Fishing Equipment Needed

Bass Fishing is not just a leisure sport but does need alot of planning and good equipment for a great experience. While setting out for fishing the main aim is obviously to catch as many fish as possible. For a good catch, it is very important that the proper equipment is used and is in good working condition. There is a whole lot of fishing equipment available that will help you to get a lot of fish in a proper and legal way. However, if you want to make good use of such equipment, you will need to take good care of them.

Here are some basic tips to be remembered, before setting out for bass fishing.

Keeping your feet dry: A good pair of waterproof shoes and sealed skin socks that can be worn in any shoe helps in keeping your feet dry even if one has to step down in low water to push off.
Keeping your rods tidy: Everybody likes a clean fishing rod. A clean nice looking rod gives a good feeling. Here is a simple tip to keeping your rod clean. Take a very light grade sandpaper and sand the cork handles, you will find out that all the dirt will go away leaving you with a brand new looking fishing rod and will make your rod lasts longer.
Organize yourself: Many gadgets like handheld computer and organizers are available to bass anglers, to help store important information such as log conditions, creating your own checklist to avoid forgetting stuff. You can also download maps for your destinations and when you reach home you can easily transfer all the information to your home computer for future purposes.
Be prepared for any eventuality: Always carry complete tool kits and spare parts in the boat just in case there is some break down or some failure.
Take good care of your battery: Always check if batteries you carry are fully charged, properly connected and in good running condition. Always carry a spare battery for emergency purposes.
Be organized: Instead of using a plastic filing box and some hanging folders. Make an article and label them with general bass angling headings and file your articles as you finish them. Keep a mini library of fishing magazines and articles for your future reference.
Check your boat bearings: Every spring when you get your boat out of storage, always have your bearings of your boat checked. This could save you from a serious accident with your boat.
Basic rod advice: The most accurate casting is accomplished when bait casting equipment is cast overhand. Bait casting gear is extremely well suited for “targeted” fishing. On some occasions placing a lure under a boat dock, under overlying limbs or between pontoon boats may be necessary. In this situation skipping a lure is the ideal choice. A spinning outfit is perfect for this chore. Be versatile and be able to use both types of equipment.
Take good care of your graphite rods: Impact weakens the stick on the point of impact and may break later. Protect your graphite rods against any impact against a hard object especially during storing rods for travel. Strap your fishing rods tight against the deck, put them in a horizontal holding system in a locker or look for a spot where there is minimum repeated bouncing to avoid damage due to rapping, jerks or hitting against walls. If you have to lay them over your legs while boating.

Before starting to go fishing, make a good plan, prepare your equipment well, and take along only well maintained and properly working equipment. Manage your bass fishing equipment well while fishing. Regularly maintain your equipment even when you are not fishing to make your fishing experience a memorable one.

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