4 Interesting Bass Fishing Facts For Beginners

Bass is the most popular large mouth fish in America. Anglers take to bass fishing to participate in tournaments and as recreational fishing too. They can fish for bass either from the shore or from a boat. If you are participating in a tournament you will need a lot of equipment. Some of the equipment that you will require to participate in a tournament is a heavy line, at least 2 hook lines which should be between ten to fifty pound tested ones, and three rods.

1. The best bait to get a good catch
Different kinds of baits should be used during different times of the day. Spinner baits and buzz baits should be used in the morning, and this should have the fish swirling round the bait. In case this does not happen and you do not make a catch, you could use plastic worms as bait in the same location.

During the midday sun you could use spinner baits or crank baits which will attract the fish at this time. If you want to bait fish in the afternoon you should use grubs, small fish, frogs, crawfish, lizards and worms which will attract the fish.

2. What is a Bass fish
The web describes the bass as a fish from North America. There are three categories of black bass: Micrpterus Punctatus which is the Kentucky Bass, Micropterus Dololomieui or the small mouth bass and Micropterus Salmoides which is the large mouth bass. The bass belongs to the family of the sunfish. This fish is extremely popular in the United States and is the second preferred fish for hunting.

3. The features of bass fish
Strong fighters, the Black Bass fish are seen as a challenge to bait. Those who have caught bass fish as a sport, keep coming back for more, to test their skills. These fish are found in roadside ditches, creeks, streams, rivers, ponds, reservoirs and in most lakes. The large bass fish give a tough time to the angler and resist being hooked, where as the small bass jump up and put up an aggressive fight on the surface when they are being hooked.

4. Tournaments for bass fishing
A popular sport in the United States, bass fishing has two major tournaments. One competition is called the Bass master Tournament Trail, and has 12 events with 50 anglers competing in this tournament. $500,000 is the prize amount for this tournament. Wal-Mart FLW Tour which is the other competition has a prize amount of $1,000,000.

Bass fishing is a very well liked sport and the catch ends up being served at the dinner table, but many anglers are now following the method of catching and releasing now.

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