Hooligan Fishing in Alaska

Steve Sturman of Fred’s Alaska Seafood fishing for smelt (hooligan) in 2007. This is a sustainable fishery that we fish every summer! We use dipnets because …
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25 thoughts on “Hooligan Fishing in Alaska”

  1. man i would love to get a couple hundred lbs of this good stuff and more ooligan grease. shit is the bomb fried up and also smoked, i can sit down and eat least 40 of them and want more and more.

  2. Hooligan is good to eat. Me and my friends used to dipnet during summer time in Alaska. We fish, then can, freeze and smoke our fish, getting ready for the winter. Alaska is beautiful, but winter time, you gotta be tough to live there – long winter short summer (60 days) lol

  3. Lol,i was getting ready for some crazed youth with 50Lb line a a set of massive treble hooks trying to foul hook some fish whilst swearing uncontrollably,you know like a hooligan.

  4. I haven’t seen that many fish in one boat since I was 19 doing commercial salmon fishing.

  5. What size boat is it that can hold 4000 lbs of fish and gear plus people? I need one like that, just bare hull.

  6. because that is what we are allowed to use according to state regulations! Rules are rules!

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