Fly Fishing for Bass- Do You Think You Could Handle the Excitement?

Fly fishing for bass is one of the most popular types of fly fishing there is. The thrill of your first time to catch a largemouth bass, can be counted as one of the most thrilling fishing experiences you will have. Most anglers will use spinning or casting reels to catch bass. But if you really want a challenge, then you need to try fly fishing for one.

Fly fishing for bass certainly will not win you any fishing tournaments. But it is the most challenging way you will find to catch bass. It is far removed from most fly fishing techniques, such as fly fishing for trout in a mountain stream.

The rod used is heavier than those used for catching trout. Rods for bass fishing are usually 8 weight, a rod such as this is required because this type of fish takes some landing. Also the fly used would be larger as well. The leader used for this type of fishing would be shorter as well, 4-6 feet, with the tippet at around a 8 pound test line.

The best way to catch your first fish, is to cast your line from a boat towards shore, making sure it lands underneath trees and there branches. A technique that is known to work well, is simply letting the fly rest on the water for a period of time, then snap it across the water quickly, this is a great way to get the attention of any bass that are there. You will find that the popping sound of this action will attract the fish and then you can make your first strike.

Some of the best fishing you will find is in smaller bodies of water. Small county lakes and slow moving creeks are perfect for fly fishing. Slow moving creeks are a favorite, this is because can use the shore to cast from and position your fly in a favorable position, such as, beneath trees.

The thing about this type of fishing, is the fight the fish will put up, will make it seem far larger than it is. A two to three pound bass caught will seem and feel like a six pound fish. All this adds to thrill and excitement of your new fly fishing experience.

Fly fishing for bass is not only an exciting experience, it is also fun to do. So next time you are thinking of going fishing for bass, put aside your normal rod and reel, then give fly fishing a try. You will not regret doing so and will have the most thrilling fishing experience that you will ever have. Also just think about the tales you will be able to regale your friends with, about your new found experience. So are you up to this challenge?

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